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To find it really hard to buy side tables?

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Nospringflower Sat 29-Apr-17 22:36:12

Can't find anything I like but wondered about this
Or if anyone can tell me of good things that would be great!

fancynotplain Sat 29-Apr-17 23:25:41

That is lovely. Can't say without seeing rest of your furniture and space but I have this - just right for me!

Nospringflower Sun 30-Apr-17 09:48:44

Thanks fancy - have posted in homes now. Those ones you posted are nice too - sturdy enough to withstand being knocked over!

Chloe84 Sun 30-Apr-17 10:10:59

Have you tried Achica?

JojoLapin Sun 30-Apr-17 10:16:40

Have a look at Rockett St George

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