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What helps bump envy, apart from having a baby? Help needed!

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PhlatStanley Sat 29-Apr-17 22:07:56

Baby is not going to happen, so please don't say 'having a baby'.

I'm 37 and dh 43 so that ship has sailed (according to dh) sad

Any advice? It's like a physical pain when I hear of someone else having a baby, would never know! I plaster on a big smile!

I've 2 children already, I know I'm greedy sad

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 29-Apr-17 22:24:06

It doesn't matter how many children you have. If the need is there. Its there. Broodiness doesn't care if you've got one of 10 kids.
However. What do you feel the physical ache for. To actually be pregnant or for a baby, because there is a difference.

PhlatStanley Sat 29-Apr-17 22:28:16

smile thanks for replying!

The ache is for another person in our family, def not being pregnant!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sat 29-Apr-17 22:28:27

And is it a baby you want, or another teenager in 13 years?

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