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To feel really silly and exhausted?

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NoIronWoman Sat 29-Apr-17 16:11:43

I got a routine blood test last week, got the results yesterday while I was on call (doctor).

My haemoglobin was 8.3, iron 2 and ferritin 3.29. Normal periods, diet ok, no recent pregnancy, in my early 30s. No history of anaemia.

Another doctor insisted I got cover and gave me an iron infusion and galfer, hoping to feel a little better soon.

Here's the AIBU bit: I was exhausted, headachy, had chest pain, pica and restless legs. Worked a 58 hour week most weeks and busy at home too.

I assumed it was purely psychological and pushed myself harder to keep going. AIBU to feel extremely stupid now. Promise I treat my own patients better than I treat myself!

JimWithTwoNoses Sat 29-Apr-17 22:07:48

YANBU, of course! I hope you feel better now cake
Lovely you have such nice colleagues, I'm sure it's not always easy to pick something like that up yourself as it's easy to assume tiredness is just from busy lives. I know someone (non doctor) who assumed the same and then got really bad results which explained everything, must be pretty common!
Get well soon!

NoIronWoman Sat 29-Apr-17 22:34:58

Thanks Jim!

I'm quite relieved really that something showed up.

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