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Taking cakes to job interview

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onesupplied Sat 29-Apr-17 12:18:37

My lovely friend had a job interview last week. Very large organisation, likely to be a strongly structured interview. I asked her how it went and she said well, and that she had baked a cake and taken it along to the interview.

AIBU to think that this has more likely hindered rather than helped her application?

Is this ever a done thing?

lastqueenofscotland Sat 29-Apr-17 12:19:37

Oh my god no.

SnowBallsAreHere Sat 29-Apr-17 12:19:46

They probably think she's a bit of a fruitcake now wink

SpreadYourHappiness Sat 29-Apr-17 12:19:56

Yes, it's a bit too 'try hard'.

UppityHumpty Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:21

What's the industry? It would have made her memorable & tbh in investment banking might have gotten her the job!

FlappyRose Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:25

I interview a lot of people. If one of them brought me a cake, I would think they were crazy. I wouldn't eat it and they definitely wouldn't get the job.

NellieFiveBellies Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:33

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating grin.

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:41

Jesus God no.

That's extremely cringey.

TittyGolightly Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:43

Unless she was interviewing for a role in baking, she basically shot herself in the foot!

Copper1122 Sat 29-Apr-17 12:20:52

For a job as a chef in a cake making establishment , yes. Any other job, no.

TheWitTank Sat 29-Apr-17 12:21:09

No way! Agree that's very try hard and not terribly professional!

FlapAttack78 Sat 29-Apr-17 12:21:09

Oh wow that's so embarrassingly bad!!

Loyly Sat 29-Apr-17 12:21:22

God no! That made my toes curl.

NoSquirrels Sat 29-Apr-17 12:21:26

Unless she's going for a job and n catering, cookery publishing, hospitality or something else where cake is relevant to the position she's applying for, then it's very unusual behaviour- whether it hinders her I don't know, but I suppose she'll have stood out one way or another...cake

Xmasbaby11 Sat 29-Apr-17 12:21:40

Just no.

I bake a lot and take cakes yo work, but never a job interview. It looks like desperation.

onesupplied Sat 29-Apr-17 12:22:06

Not a role that has anything to do with catering.

I just can't get over the self conscious feeling of walking to reception carrying a cake and announcing I was there for interview...

onesupplied Sat 29-Apr-17 12:22:30

As in, if I were in her position.

PaperdollCartoon Sat 29-Apr-17 12:22:49

OMG. I can't believe anyone would actually do this shock

Only acceptable if it's an interview to work in a bakery.

iknowimcoming Sat 29-Apr-17 12:23:16

Reminds me of when trumps wife rocked up to the White House with a present for Michelle Obama - er right, thanks, erm I'll just put that erm, er, um. That was pretty out there op - do let us know if she gets the job grin

It wasn't a job at mr kiplings was it?

Sparklingbrook Sat 29-Apr-17 12:23:25

Cringe! You can imagine them discussing her afterwards.

'Which one was that?'

'The weirdo that brought the home made cake in'

'Oh that one''

Although I am sure I read on here someone's DD applied for a job at Lush and they had to write their application on a cake or something like that.

wowfudge Sat 29-Apr-17 12:23:33

Eek. I'd think anyone taking cakes in on the first day in a job was too try hard, but for an interview? Nuts. What if her baking was no good?

TheWitTank Sat 29-Apr-17 12:25:18

Lush could kiss my arse -write your application on a bloody cake?! Ridiculous.

Gwencooper81 Sat 29-Apr-17 12:25:23

Oh god no. Just no. My toes are curling just imagining her walking in with it!

Finola1step Sat 29-Apr-17 12:26:11

Oh dear. Even if she did well in the interview, the bringing of cake suggests a lack of understanding of professional boundaries. Even if the cake was damn delicious.

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