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Colleague never spends money when we go out

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Gargamella Fri 28-Apr-17 21:11:04

A few times now a work colleague has suggested we go for a drink and then when we get out says she's broke so will stick to tap water (free from end of bar where we usually go). I've offered to get drinks in and she'll usually accept one from me but then it gets a bit awkward. Was a bit miffed tbh the first time this happened as I'd sorted childcare expecting more of a night. Now I have lower expectations. But still a bit miffed that same woman seems to find the resources to go out with other colleagues and stand a couple of rounds. She's always telling me she's broke so I'd never pressurise her into a night out she felt she couldn't afford, but she keeps suggesting to me we have a night out. We get on perfectly well within the office and I think I'd rather just stick to that. AIBU

fuzzywuzzy Fri 28-Apr-17 21:13:08

YANBU how odd tho. Why does she keep wanting to go out with you then just drink water?

dinosaursandtea Fri 28-Apr-17 21:14:12

Maybe she just wants to socialise with you?

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