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Aibu to dislike the long weekends? Not always but sometimes tbh...

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btfly2 Fri 28-Apr-17 18:19:00

I'm sorry I don't feel very optimistic today.

LindyHemming Fri 28-Apr-17 18:20:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

esiotrot2015 Fri 28-Apr-17 18:22:55

It can be hard work having sch age kids around all the time plus Facebook etc can make you feel crappy if it appears everyone is having a much better time than you

BellaGoth Fri 28-Apr-17 18:24:14

I hate them, because my husband is self employed and will still work, but there's no nursery / groups, so I'm stuck home alone with the DCs. They are very little and I struggle alone.

Why don't you like them OP?

Outbackshack Fri 28-Apr-17 18:27:06

Bellagoth I completely agree. Dh works in leisure industry so works every bank holiday weekend. Majority of my friends have partners off so naturally want to spend time with them. And everything is so busy is even harder to take 2 young kids out on your own!

BellaGoth Fri 28-Apr-17 18:29:58

outback yes! Nobody gets it IRL. Mine are 4 (possibly autistic) and 8 months (never sleeps) so going out is basically a no.

MilkTrayLimeBarrel Fri 28-Apr-17 18:33:41

There are too many Bank Holidays at a time of the year when you cannot expect really good weather. I wish we could transfer some of them and maybe have a long weekend in June/July instead when there is more chance of sunshine! Any I can't stand the way DH does not understand that basic house stuff still needs to be done on holiday weekends!

skerrywind Fri 28-Apr-17 18:34:18

No bank holiday here.
Kids are at school Monday, OH on call all weekend and I am working.

btfly2 Fri 28-Apr-17 18:39:03

Well, I think you have mentioned already some of the things I don't like.
I don't do Facebook much but I guess is the feeling of loneliness and/or boredom if it happens you don't travel or go out every day during the break.
Today at the school and like every other bank hol or half term you can feel the pressure to answer what your plans are and how busy your diary is, etc, otherwise, you are an alien.
That's my experience. I also dislike that new trend about to look fully booked all the time in order to fit in and be cool within the group of mums in particular sad

btfly2 Fri 28-Apr-17 18:41:56

I'm sorry, I'm talking about my case and my experience and feelings. I understand for some ppl it can be completely different. Thanks for reading anyway.

Note3 Fri 28-Apr-17 18:45:58

Nah I hear you! I often get asked what I have planned and either mumble or make something up...generally I often have nothing planned! As above, facebook made me feel awful so I don't go on much anymore.

Maybe do some small goals of what can be done like a bike ride or beach trip and doesn't have to be the whole day.

skerrywind Fri 28-Apr-17 18:48:00

Sounds like its' not the weekend that is the problem but your inability not to give a flying fuck what others think.

NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Fri 28-Apr-17 18:49:12

I get it. The change in routine totally throws me off. Too much idle time at home drives my DC stir crazy.

I try to plan a lot of stuff to do to minimize it.

alteredimages Fri 28-Apr-17 18:49:39

I'm feeling down about this too. Two long weekends in a row and DH has uni work for both of them, so just me and the kids. I don't drive, we're broke, I am feeling sick on my period, it has been pissing it down all day and DS can be a handful when out.

I really don't want to want to just stay home all weekend but can't think of anything cheap and interesting to do in bad weather either.

A1Sharon Fri 28-Apr-17 18:50:43

I often organise a group trip to a park or something with school folk. We tend to keep it quite casual, anyone around this weekend fancy meeting up for a walk? That type of thing.
Then whoever wants can meet up, do a big walk somewhere, get a hot choc/coffee everyone heads home.
Do you think any one would be up for that kind of thing?
Why do you feel you need to fit in with unpleasant people? I'd be avoiding them!

Butterymuffin Fri 28-Apr-17 18:52:13

I hear you. When asked about plans just keep saying 'Going to have a really chilled out one this time, life's been so hectic lately!' (Translation: will let the kids watch TV while I space out and post on MN as we're all too tired to do anything requiring more effort)

TickleMcTickleFace Fri 28-Apr-17 18:55:17

Thanks for starting this thread as I feel exactly the same. My DH is working the entire time so it'll just be me and my two DC as all my friends/family are busy with their own families. I'm feeling really tapped out at the moment so could do without the change in routine. We'll end up watching too much to so I'll feel guilty on top of everything else.

TickleMcTickleFace Fri 28-Apr-17 18:55:33

*TV not to.

TWOBANANAS Fri 28-Apr-17 18:57:35

I agree with the Facebook bollocks about everyone having sooooo much fun and also with the bollocksy new thing about everyone being sooooo busy all the time. Does my head in.

btfly2 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:05:25

Hi skerrywind, part of it yes, maybe it could be me the problem. On the other hand there are lots of things that just don't care at all but in this case ...Can you teach me? Are you bulletproof to everyone's questions or comments? If that's the case then well done.

Crisscrosscranky Fri 28-Apr-17 19:08:39

I work full time and my husband works away during the week but gets bank holidays off. So I love long weekends as we get to spend proper time together for two straight days with one day to do the boring weekend jobs like cleaning/shopping/washing etc.

I am also make a conscious effort to be busy at weekends at the moment although this is because I'm expect DC2 and want to enjoy our last few weekends with just DD1 (10) before everything changes!

btfly2 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:09:05

Thanks A1Sharon! smile

Ironmanrocks Fri 28-Apr-17 19:13:29

I've started to worry less about everyone else and I do what fits me. Sometimes we are busy, but some of our best days are a walk then home to popcorn and a film snuggled under a blanket. I'm working Monday though so it's all down to DP...._the house better be tidy when I get home!!_

tigercub50 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:16:07

Glossy magazines etc don't help because they give this image that you feel you have to live up to on occasions like Bank Holidays - special meals with all the family round, barbacues, parties etc etc. Adverts are like that too. I ended up feeling guilty that I didn't wrestle a massive leg of lamb home for Easter & invite half the street!

mizu Fri 28-Apr-17 19:31:45

I teach full time. Love bank holidays as is down time where we can relax and not do much. Looking forward to going for a long walk tomorrow with DB and his daughter and my DDs. Then pottering round the house for the rest of the long weekend, sleeping in, maybe a walk into town.

I don't do Facebook, don't give a flying fuck what other people do grin

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