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Warminster and surrounding area

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Rollingon Fri 28-Apr-17 12:35:39

Posting for traffic.

Looking to relocate to Warminster. Advice and opinions on area very welcome please. Especially state schools (Looking to move for child going into Y3. Hoping this will be a good time with a lot of independent schools in the area).

Need to be able to commute to other areas of the SW. Schools both primary and secondary priority. Would like a friendly area to make new friends and things for children to do.

Rollingon Fri 28-Apr-17 13:32:45

Anyone, please smile

WashBasketsAreUs Fri 28-Apr-17 16:31:08

There's a lot of village schools here but very over subscribed. There's a state high school that i went to and my girls went to. I've been to loads of senior schools as we moved about a lot, I've been to better, I've been to worse, but that was years ago. However their GCSE results were better than the private school. There is a fee paying private school and depending on your jobs there are reductions for the fees. Have you thought of any of the local schools? If you give me the names of any you're thinking of i can give you an opinion.
There's Brownies, Cubs, a sports centre and public swimming pool, what sort of thing is of interest to your child ( girl or boy by the way)
Anything else? Hope that's a start. X

Rollingon Fri 28-Apr-17 16:39:42

Thank you. The over subscribed is a worry, really wouldn't want to make the move to find no in year school place available! (Then be bused out of the area!).
No particular schools in mind, really don't know the area. Good to know there's so clubs and activities (have one of each).
What is childcare like please? Before and after school clubs and holiday / Childminders / Nannies / Babysitters etc?

WashBasketsAreUs Fri 28-Apr-17 17:19:40

I'm past the young children age so I'm not too sure re the child minder stage. My girls are in their 20's so that's no help! As to schools, they've just given out the places for September and as far as I know most people have got their first choices ( mostly). There's a lot of good village schools but they need transport to get there. There's no school buses to primary schools.
There's school clubs for holidays at the sports centre but you'll have to look on their website for details. They get booked early, I know that!
The nursery my grandson goes to does a breakfast club and it's attached to a primary school that also does it. Don't know about after school clubs but a lot of schools do them. The nursery that my grandson goes to is attached to Avenue primary, have a look at their website. Good school.
There's junior football, gymnastic clubs, ( or there used to be?) Check Warminster sports Centre website, they have a comprehensive list of what's what.
Babysitters - not sure as I'm the go - to babysitter here, I have my grandson a lot while my daughter works. A lot of the young ones at work rely on their parents a lot from what I can gather, whether that's because child care is hard to find or expensive i don't know. Will you have any relatives near?
Any idea what area you're looking you get a place? Are you buying or renting? House prices here have really rocketed lately, rentals are expensive too. The next town over, Westbury, is a bit cheaper but there's not many primary schools there.
Anything else? X

littlehayleyc Fri 28-Apr-17 19:27:02

Can't speak for other primary schools but I'm very happy with the one my children attend. My daughter will be in yr 3 from September and there are already 30 in her class. There are quite a lot of different activities available for children, although your perception may depend on where you have come from. The transport links are good, with easy access to Bath and Salisbury.

LocationLocation01 Fri 28-Apr-17 20:16:18

My DC aren't at school yet, but one due to start in September. There are around 7 primary schools in the town itself, and village primaries not that far away. Minster primary, St John's, St George's and The Avenue seem to be the most popular. Sutton Veny is an outstanding local village primary and very sought after. I know a lot didn't get in this year.

My two go to Barney Lodge nursery, which they both love, and I've been very happy with too. Staff are lovely and great outdoor space.

A few schools do breakfast/after school club and one of the soft play places does too, as well as holiday club. There's another holiday club called Wylye Coyotes at a village school which is meant to be very good.

In terms of activities there's Longleat, well worth an annual pass. I go at leaSt once if not twice in the spring /summer. There's plenty of woodland, Shearwater lake and heavens gate for walks. A couple of soft play in town, a few parks too. Lots to do within a 15-30 min drive also.

What I like about it is that we're 15 mins from Frome which is lovely, around 30 mins to Bath, 40 mins to Salisbury, an hour to bristol and can also get to the coast in an hour. There's a train station with good rail links.

In terms of shops there's a big morrisons, waitrose, lidl and then a fairly good high street.

I like living here, and have found it good with young children.

LocationLocation01 Fri 28-Apr-17 20:17:29

Longleat - once/twice a week is what I meant.

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