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To expect feedback?

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Confuzzlediddled Fri 28-Apr-17 11:25:44

I've been job hunting since Jan, earlier this week I went to an assessment day, was there for 8 hours, including doing a presentation, interview, role plays etc.

The recruiter told me he would let me know the outcome yesterday afternoon, didn't call and today is not answering his phone, so I'm assuming I wasn't successful.
I'm getting used to radio silence after interviews, it seems to happen more often than not, but I hoped there would have been some useful feedback from being there such a long time at least (on paper I should be able to walk into the job I have all the relevant experience in the right industry etc)

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm unemployable, when it seems I'm not even told the outcome of interviews (even when it's been a 2nd interview etc)

How do you keep your spirits up? I'm sat in Flipping kwik fit trying to keep the tears in which is stupid!

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 11:47:22

To get my current job I had to apply (and be rejected) 100 times for other jobs, and that was just an internal promotion. Keep applying. Keep refreshing the CV. Maybe go to another recruiter - recruiters who don't follow up are useless.

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