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parents evening crap

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user1493321054 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:22:22

I told the teacher that if she struggled with her math homework we use the internet to help, apparently this is a total faux pas.
Dh sits beside me and doesn't utter a word.

Go into the cafeteria about 8 teachers sat around the room and 100 parents. one of the teachers hasn't got any parents in front of her, so she reaches down grabs a chocolate bar and eats it.
Dh decides to make a snidey comment under his breath (that people can hear) about the teacher eating "unprofessional"
I want to fucking tell him he's being a fucking moron and that teacher has probably been at work since 8am - like 12 hours and has still got many more parents to see. but I stay quiet and feel my anger rising.
Dd continues to be a brat, I tell her very quietly that if she doesn't change her attitude immediately she can go and sit in the car.

We then get called over to a different teacher, dd and I talk
Dh doesnt say a word. we leave

That was 10 minutes of frustrating stress with me keeping smiling, trying to be a supportive mum, trying to think up questions and keep the conversation going with the teachers when all I wanted to do was leave the building
I now feel embarrassed and so hope that the teachers never picked up on anything.
I can't believe my family are just so dysfunctional to act like this at parents evening.
Please someone tell me it's happened to you to

FlapAttack78 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:32:22

I am a teacher just back from parents evening. Please kick your husband in the balls for me. What a twat

Dishwashersaurous Thu 27-Apr-17 21:32:47

What exactly did your dd do?

Apart from a slightly inappropriate comment by your husband not sure what the problem is.

FlapAttack78 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:38:53

If it makes you feel better here is my story.

I am quite obviously pregnant. A student was holding a door open for someone but then saw me coming. I was that awkward distance away where I wouldn't have been offended if he didn't wait but he held it for me and I hurried along and thanked him. His mother was watching waiting for her son.

Just as I for through the door she shouted to him.. "now come on as more people will take advantage of you if you stay any longer" !!!!! He had only held door open for the original person and me so it was clear she was refering to me as taking advantage haha!! I just smiled and walked past her.

1 hour later when she sat across the table from me and introduced herself... her face when I reply "ah lovely, I am Mrs Flap... we met in the corridor earlier " 😂😂😂

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