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Permenant make up hash up... what to do?

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Monkeyface45 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:20:11

At the very back end of last year I had my eyebrows tattooed, it cost a pretty penny. I thought I'd chosen a reputable person with experience and I liked the look of the previous work.

From almost the off they made a few funny comments about other clients , almost bitchy, attitude didn't make me feel overly comfortable but I had committed so couldn't leave with half done brows and plus this was no reflection of the work. However my brows have turned out rubbish... huge thick lines for outlines and all the inner pigment has dropped out leaving me to have to fill them in heavily every day more than I had to before. I agreed the pencil shape before they tattooed them but the person changed it mid tattoo without me realising till after.

I complained and tried to push for even a partial refund towards correction elsewhere. The person outright declined. I looking into obtaining the money legally aka sueing the company however because there was no actual medical damage I might not have a case.

So Am I stuck? Basically in a position where I should have researched better and will just have to front the repair cost myself or should I push this further?


NeverDidit Wed 26-Apr-17 14:24:38

Sounds awful. Have you complained in writing? Is it an independent or a bigger company?

Monkeyface45 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:26:27

Well my complaint was over a txt message thread of which I do still have as I can't decide what to do but I knew I would need the thread if I did decide to take it further. X

Monkeyface45 Wed 26-Apr-17 14:27:38

It's an independent person registered under a company name but not a chain or an employer x

Pentapus Thu 27-Apr-17 10:08:57

There's no such thing as an "independent person registered under a company name".

It is either a sole trader with a trading name, or a limited company. Looking up the name on the Companies House website will tell you if it is a ltd co.

I would think for any claim it would help greatly if you had evidence of the details of your original request, i.e. Eyebrow shape, as this would allow you to show that you did not get what you paid for.
Regardless, the colour dropping out from the middle sounds like poor work, not done with the required care and skill, so you would already seem to be in possession of evidence of that!

I think the Consumer Rights act allows for the service supplier to have the opportunity to redress the problem, although I can understand your reluctance to do this considering the stakes are so high.

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