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To let an outbuilding to a social enterprise

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WrigglyCompost Tue 25-Apr-17 10:28:24

Not so much as AIBU as I am not sure what is possible and want to pick the collective brains on here please.

We live in a rural area and have an outbuilding that is not in current use. A local crafts based social enterprise have approached us and asked if they can let it as a workshop to make their crafts (and possibly sell them? I need to check this with them). The space would suit their needs and they are a really good cause that I would like to support. However, I have no idea if I can do this. I had a google and there is a lot of information about letting a room in your home to your own social enterprise, but I am not sure what the situation is here. I don't want to make money from this, but obviously there are costs like electricity and water that I need to cover. Please help me think this through Mumsnet.

Werkzallhourz Tue 25-Apr-17 10:34:46

I think it's a brilliant idea. I would check with your local council first, just to make sure the legalities are fine.

There's no reason why you cannot come to an arrangement for them to pay for the electricity and water. I suspect they may even be able to apply for a small grant to cover these costs.

Hereward1332 Tue 25-Apr-17 10:35:19

A lovely thought, but you will also need to think about insurance which may make it prohibitively expensive. If they are selling from the outbuilding you will need public liability to cover yourself for someone suing when they trip on a stone. Also - do you have space for parking for employees and visitors? How many vehicle movements (employees arriving / getting lunch, visitors, van deliveries for materials and sending out stock) will it take per day to make you resent their presence?

WrigglyCompost Tue 25-Apr-17 10:38:57

Thanks so much. I hadn't thought of all this. There are a lot of stones (and other things) to trip on...

scaryclown Tue 25-Apr-17 11:36:46

Be cautious a little, as some social enterprises are run by well-meaning people who just can't run a business - ask for accounts and ideally payment in advance - I worked with a arts social enterprise who would rent space from the council, spend money on their own salaries and expenses, then make hand-wringing campaigns to the council and press about how they should get rent free space because their work was so important, and it was a bit of a nightmare.

Ask about to find out about their integrity. Also find out how they are actually registered and what their community statement is - they might just be like a normal company with a social statement.

Otherwise it should be like any other rental!

scaryclown Tue 25-Apr-17 11:37:44

i think they can have the publi liaility insurance - and you should insist on holding documents - ask several letting agencies and pick their brains..

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