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To wonder where all the nice cheap birthday cards are?

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puglife15 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:59:03

Went to look for a card the other day - 90% of them were hideous/unfunny and even the really small half size ones were £2.50. most of them were £3+ for a bit of mass produced card with a picture on.

Someone must be making lovely cards for under 2 quid a pop, surely?! £3-£4 for a bog standard card is insane.

please no one say Card Factory

PickAChew Tue 25-Apr-17 00:00:19

Card factory.

You have to be picky, but no more than you do in Clintons or Hallmark.

PickAChew Tue 25-Apr-17 00:00:53

Sorry, btw.

PickAChew Tue 25-Apr-17 00:02:05

M&S are Ok, if you're picky, if that agrees more with your sensibilities.

Notinmybackyard Tue 25-Apr-17 00:02:47

There are some nice cards in the bigger Tescos, not expensive.

senua Tue 25-Apr-17 00:03:02

I was going to say M&S, too. Also some of the charity shops.

MadisonAvenue Tue 25-Apr-17 00:03:22

Tesco and Asda aren't too bad for cards under £2. Still a rip off at that price though.

And that's reminded me that I need to get a card for my Dad's birthday at the weekend. He's 84 and doesn't drink, doesn't play golf, doesn't like teddy bears so that somewhat narrows down the card choices when it comes to suitable pictures on the front.

BackforGood Tue 25-Apr-17 00:03:34

I too was going to say Card Factory grin

Can't see the point in paying that much for a card - I'd FAR rather have a bunch of flowers or a bar of chocolate if you have that much to spare grin

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 25-Apr-17 00:06:06

I got 10 cards for a quid in there today. Fine for lots of upcoming child birthdays. Always wondered how "they" could justify cost of 3 quid for some printed card. I suppose we should all really be making our own out of woven unicorn hair or something.

puglife15 Tue 25-Apr-17 00:06:10

M&S - hmm, wonder if you can get them online? Good call, thanks.

pick i live right next to Card Factory so it's blindingly obvious to anyone round here if you give them a Card Factory card...

Blondie1984 Tue 25-Apr-17 00:07:04

I find Sainsburys and Tesco do some quite good ones - but you have to go the larger stores - and not when it's close to something like Mother's Day, Christmas etc when they reduce the number of "normal" cards they do to make room for cards for those occasions

CoffeeAndEnnui Tue 25-Apr-17 00:10:15

I still really like Etsy and Folksy for birthday cards and there are definitely some bargains to be found there. But for cheap and pretty standbys to stock your card drawer with, I think Phoenix Trading are fab.

I've been put off in the past by pushy reps but you can now buy directly from their website. Last time I bought they were around £1.50ish with a discount for multiple cards. They're particularly good for children's cards - I like the Amanda Loverseed stuff - cleverly detailed castles, pirate ships, forts etc.

TheRealPooTroll Tue 25-Apr-17 00:11:34

Home Bargains do perfectly fine ones for kids parties for 29p. Nicer ones for under a quid.
I don't spend a lot on cards. The message and possibly the cash inside are what people are more bothered about I find!

notangelinajolie Tue 25-Apr-17 00:14:38

Tesco is the cheapest, then Asda.

curvyfrog Tue 25-Apr-17 00:15:37

Card factory

CoffeeAndEnnui Tue 25-Apr-17 00:21:13

Few examples here. They're great for unusual advent calendars too. Looks like prices are up to £1.75 since I last stocked up though.

Filofanny Tue 25-Apr-17 00:38:15

I like whistlefish. The cards are all 10 for £8, they're really good quality too. Deliverys free over £20, so it's worth stocking up. They have things for all occasions and ages, plus loads that are good to keep for emergencies - I like ones like the one pictured as it's ok for anyone.

Filofanny Tue 25-Apr-17 00:40:35

Oh and they sell whistlefish cards in lots of gift shops, so no one would know it was a bargain price. They're £2.95 each in the posh post office in a village near me.

Butterymuffin Tue 25-Apr-17 00:41:26

Oxfam have decent cards. Usually £1.

Dixiestamp Tue 25-Apr-17 00:51:13

I sell Phoenix Cards (I say sell- rather give a brochure to my Mum and a few friends!!) and they are fab. I have a website but don't use/promote it enough. They really are lovely products, though.

GavelRavel Tue 25-Apr-17 00:56:54

I also say Card Factory, 10 for a pound (choose selectively). Great for the 60-odd parties (!) my children go to in a year!! And means I can spend more on the presents. We usually stick.numbers on them to personalise them a bit. Who cares if they're obviously from Card Factory? I wouldn't.

Most adults I send e cards to these days anyway..

Orangebird69 Tue 25-Apr-17 00:59:02

I've bought a stash of Phoenix cards. They really are lovely cards. Similar quality to M&S but cheaper. And their wrapping paper is wonderful.

Shemozzle Tue 25-Apr-17 00:59:20

Agree with m&s, no crap jokes, usually something a bit different, always a choice of baby cards that aren't just pink or blue, and all cheap too. I always stock up on cards when there. Wilko often have good ones too actually.

keeplooking Tue 25-Apr-17 01:21:02

Waitrose do cards in their 'Essential' range for £1. They look fine, not 'cheap' in any way. You have to search a bit to find them, as they aren't all grouped together, but well worth a browse!

calli335 Tue 25-Apr-17 05:44:23

Wilkinsons have nice, cheap cards.

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