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to get frustrated by this?

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HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 15:44:47

I'm leaving my current job and assisting with the recruitment of my replacement. I really care about my boss and the role so really want to get someone good.

I'm really shocked by the quality of the applications. We've had 35 so far and of those maybe only 2 are even vaguely interviewable. The vast majority have just sent in a CV, ignoring the fact the job ad specifically requests that an application form should be filled out. Of those who have filled out the application form, most haven't bothered to fill in the personal statement part where you are meant to state how you meet the person specification. Of those who have filled it in, it's just a small generic paragraph.

Do they not teach this in schools any more?!

wasonthelist Mon 24-Apr-17 15:49:06

No job I ever got required filling in a form. I filled in hundreds over the years, now I am pleased to say I don't have to any more. I wouldn't demand a form if I was recruiting, but I understand different industries vary.

HallowedMimic Mon 24-Apr-17 15:54:25

Personal statements are not very common theses days, are they?

Most people assume that the interview will cover the specification aspect.

Qualifications and employment history are on the CV.

People are applying for so many jobs that filling out highly tailored personal statements would be insane.

And it's all a bit UCAS. Most people oversell, or go a bit daft and start writing about hobbies and personal interests.

Surely you can shortlist from a CV?

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 15:54:29

It's standard in this sector. I don't like them either but it's just HR procedure.

In any case, surely it's usual practice to send in a cover letter alongside a CV?

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 15:55:57

No we cannot shortlist from a CV as there are a lot of things we're looking for which a CV cannot tell us.

In any case, the job ad specifically says we cannot accept CVs, only completed application forms. So most of them clearly haven't bothered reading it properly.

I mean why bother?!

Kelsoooo Mon 24-Apr-17 15:56:42

Having applied for over 100 jobs in the last year, very few required a cover letter. And any that requires an application form, unless i really really wanted it...I scrolled past.

(Happy to say my job now required neither and is an amazing job)

chickenjalfrezi Mon 24-Apr-17 15:58:35

I hate to say it but you'll probably find a fair few are completed by people who have no intention about getting the job but are required to complete a certain number of applications in order to keep signing on each week

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 15:59:40

Oh really chicken? I'd not considered that.

I've never once applied for a job with only a CV unless I was going via an agency. Every job I've ever applied for has been CV & cover letter or application form.

OneWildNightWithJBJ Mon 24-Apr-17 15:59:53

I'm applying for jobs at the moment that generally require a two-page personal statement. Many jobs I've had in the past have asked for them. Whether they're relevant or not, if you've asked for one, then yes, they should include one.

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 16:01:44

That's my point wild - it's that we've asked for one quite clearly.

Vroomster Mon 24-Apr-17 16:01:47

If you apply for an NHS job you have to prove you fit the person specification and write a personal statement.

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 16:02:10

vroom not NHS but v v similar

Pinkheart5915 Mon 24-Apr-17 16:02:50

I feel your pain.

I've a business of my own and request a cv & letter, some of the cv's I get when choosing new staff sometimes I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Sometimes it's silly things like spelling mistakes, drunksexyjane1970@email ( make a more suitable email address it annoys me), then you get people with no work history for 15 years and nowhere in the letter they written do they tell me why .

interviews can be strange too, last interviews I done one of the ladies starting eating a sandwich as she missed breakfast <<shakes head>>

chickenjalfrezi Mon 24-Apr-17 16:03:06

It's not rocket science to write a personal statement or as a minimum tailor a CV to a job spec. In fact I'd recommend having 3-4 CVs if you are applying for different types of roles or similarly having drafts of paragraphs about your skills you can cut and paste in depending on what the application requests.

SnipSnipMrBurgess Mon 24-Apr-17 16:06:36

Applying for jobs is ridiculous at the moment. You send in a cv and then either get emailed asking you to fill in a form as well or it happens at the the interview. Personal statements are new and fucking irritating as are cover letters. You can see my CV, where and worked and what I did, do your job recruiters and fucking read the cv. Although most are too fucking lazy and run cv through a system instead so of you don't have the keywords, even if you have the experience, then forget about an interview.

Not that they tell you these days not even a PFO email after all the hoops you jumped through.

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 16:07:06

I've had so many people say how difficult it is to get a job - I'm not surprised to be perfectly frank if the quality of their applications are anything like what we've been getting.

AnathemaPulsifer Mon 24-Apr-17 16:08:00

^ as Chicken said, my recent experience of advertising for roles strongly suggested that people were just applying for every vacant role whether they met the criteria or not. Just a CV bounced across, not even a generic covering note. Lies on the qualifying questions they had to answer to apply.

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 16:08:33

Ok, snip, I have been working for a decade and I have always had to do a cover letter.

How on earth are you meant to show you meet the person specification if you don't write a cover letter? Telling me what jobs you've done shows me very very little. Especially when only the job title is listed and no duties.

HomityBabbityPie Mon 24-Apr-17 16:09:56

You can see my CV, where and worked and what I did, do your job recruiters and fucking read the cv. Although most are too fucking lazy and run cv through a system instead so of you don't have the keywords, even if you have the experience, then forget about an interview.

Or you could do your job and follow the instructions, and if you don't want to follow the instructions then don't apply for the role?

If someone asks for a cover letter, you send a cover letter. If they ask for an application form, you fill out the whole application form.

If you don't want to do those things, don't apply for the job.

Impresionante Mon 24-Apr-17 16:11:39

I've had to do a form for all jobs I've had over last 25 years. Am astonished they wouldn't fill it in if you've asked for it. Most are now online submission too. I wouldn't consider I'd applied for the job if I didn't do it the way it's asked for. In some cases, I would add CV as attached file, if I felt it added/clarified information that wasn't clear from the form (my career has ended up a little unusual, or at least multiple careers now).

xForsythia Mon 24-Apr-17 16:11:54


It drives me mad. Candidates complain that they apply for hundreds of jobs and don't go anywhere but don't bother doing it properly. They can't seem to grasp the idea that they would be better off applying for a small number of positions, but tailoring their application to each one. It's much much worst when they apply to a company directly, don't they wonder why someone would invite them for an interview if they don't make the effort? If you are amazing, you won't need to apply, you will be head hunted regularly. If this is not the case, make a bloody effort - or don't moan you don't hear from anyone.

I normally get a few hundred CVs when I advertise for a job. 3/4 will end up straight in the bin, because the applications are shocking.

If you think the applications are bad, wait until you reach the interview stages: it's astonishing how many people turn up late, cancel at the last minute or don't turn up at all, and show very little interest for the job.

Ceto Mon 24-Apr-17 16:13:11

SnipSnip, if you are applying for a job, it's very silly indeed to assume that those responsible for recruitment are being "fucking lazy" if they don't plough through your CV to discover how wonderful you are because you can't be bothered to fill in a form.

The reality is that for many jobs potential employers get hundreds of applications, and they have to find a quick way to sift through them in order to shortlist. That will certainly mean that people who didn't bother to read the potential employers' requirements or comply with them will find their applications go straight into the bin.

Morphene Mon 24-Apr-17 16:13:54

I think application forms really help candidates show that they meet the criteria.

If people can't be arsed to think about how they meet the criteria then they clearly don't actually want the job.

I'd much rather fill in a form that clearly states what info the prospective employer needs, than spend hours working out how to fine tune my CV to what I guess the employer might want.

xForsythia Mon 24-Apr-17 16:14:30

do your job recruiters and fucking read the cv.

We got 400 CVs to read, we pick yours up and give you a chance to present your case better. If you don't take it, don't moan, someone else will get the job.

Ceto Mon 24-Apr-17 16:15:31

My favourite job application was the one where, in answer to a question about salary expectations, the applicant put "Astronomical". But on reflection I suspect that was someone meeting his quota of applications in order to continue qualifying for benefits.

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