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To just disappear for a bit?

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Timeforatimeout Sun 23-Apr-17 23:32:44

I'm really down. Fed up with my interpersonal relationships. My parents were hugely abusive, my siblings sympathise but don't actually speak up against my parents behaviour towards me and my children. My children's father isn't around and his family don't bother much with us, when they do I am expected to facilitate the contact.

I'm unhappy and fed up with dealing with selfish people who take the piss. I try to think is it me? Am I the common denominator? but I have many friends who all seem to think I am great and I don't fall out with them. I feel like I have reached a tipping point and I just don't want to try with these people anymore. Is it possible that so many people get used to treating you a certain way or witness others doing it so think they can too? I want to disappear for a few months - no contact, no interaction, come off all social media get my head together and just be at peace. Not forever - kids need to see their extended family obviously but just for a bit.

Lennielala Mon 24-Apr-17 21:14:25

It's not your fault people let you down, so no, you're not the common denominator. Your parents let you down, your siblings are effectively doing the same. You sound like you're just trying to be the best mum, your DC need you, with them you'll never be on your own.

You actually need a break. Do you not have friends or family further away for a week escape or something? I hope you feel happy soon xx

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