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to tell my DS to ignore slugging?

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mikado1 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:13:17

I read so much on here and elsewhere about 1. The importance of resilience and 2. Bullying and the importance of parental support that I am getting torn between the two at times and am second guessing myself. I should say I don't think this is bullying but I do wonder if I have done the right thing or if I should intervene more.

Ds (5) plays out on the road with his friends. I stand nearby but don't put I or out unless someone's upset/hurt. No other parents present. A regular thing is telling DS he has the smallest bike, the smallest wheels etc (He is the smallest and youngest).

I told him he has two options if someone says something that annoys him - advice I read here - ignore or say something. Today I looked at him when they said and was about to say something along the lines of 'This is getting a bit boring', in the hope of playing it down but still addressing (I want him to do similar as I feel if he reacts to every slight, life will be tough, plus I'm sure he'll do his fair share and want to take some of the power out if it). Anyway before I Saud anything he said 'I think I'll just ignore it Mum', and off he cycled.

Aibu to have given this advice/been ok with this or should I have spoken to the others/made more of it with DS. While I think this kind of thibg wil go on whether I say something or not, I also want DS to know I'm here for him and would support him if it was something more sinister/hurtful (i.e. bullying). Advice from the more experienced among you appreciated.

mikado1 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:20:13

Oh fgs, slagging not shagging either autocorrect

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