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To think that the latest fashions in White Stuff are crap.

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2beesornot2beesthatisthehoney Sun 23-Apr-17 11:08:32

I may get flamed for this or at least given another biscuit: each to their own! Buy somewhere else, then Etc
I have been buying from them for several years and loved their designs.
I popped in yesterday although I need new clothes like a whole in the head and was appalled by the complete lack of anything in the shop I liked.
Has boho come back in and can that explain the number of tassels and fussy necklines?
Manager said that they were trying to attract more fashionable younger people, I retorted that I thought I did look fashionable or at least good in my older White. stuff clothing.
Maybe this links with this thread
Apparently White Stuff has a new buyer which explains some of the new stuff.
WS has been my go to shop for ages, so where will an early fifties lady go to instead? Please don't say M and S they have been crap for years

BahHumbygge Sun 23-Apr-17 11:25:13

I was in a splurgy mood the other day on their website, and I could barely find anything I liked... found one lovely top in the sale, put it in my basket and it had sold out by the time I went to check out sad

All the rest was hideous synthetic fabrics and ugly cuts. they've definitely changed direction lately... I prefer to keep an eye out in charity shops, and look after my favorite items from there rather than buying their new stuff. I'll likewise have to find a new favorite store at some point.

londonmummy1966 Sun 23-Apr-17 11:30:39

Couldn't agree more - I went in the other day and found nothing to buy and noticed that the 50 something assistant was still wearing last year's clothes. I was in despair as I needed some new clothes - luckily I found some in Monsoon - nicely made well cut linen separates. You might try there OP?

PhilODox Sun 23-Apr-17 11:35:00

Seasalt have some nice linen things in. I hate synthetics.

TheNoveltySlippers Sun 23-Apr-17 11:38:19

Agree. I went in a few weeks ago. I was really surprised...Whitestuff normally have at least a few really nice things. It reminded me of the dreaded Per Una. I'm 39 and always found Whitestuff great for simple, casual/relaxed but stylish stuff.

Anyone who is good at this sort of thing want to write to them - tell them someone needs to have a chat with new buyer?!

Albatross26 Sun 23-Apr-17 12:01:13

Yes! I love white stuff normally but lately it's all frilly horror! Sea salt and fat face are good alternatives, also mistral although they might only be in the south

HemanOrSheRa Sun 23-Apr-17 12:06:35

I am very sad sad. Last year I bought a couple of tops, I can't remember the name but I'd know it if I saw it, they were recommended on here for hiding a hobbity stomach. I've checked on line and they don't seem to be selling them this year sad.

BigGreenOlives Sun 23-Apr-17 12:11:20

Lots of their branches are closing.

2beesornot2beesthatisthehoney Sun 23-Apr-17 13:33:11

Thank you for your replies and suggestions. Glad to see I am not the only one who has noticed.
I will try Monsoon although I thought they tended to overdo the sequins sometimes, but worth another go. I will look at Fatface and Seasalt too.

ToastDemon Sun 23-Apr-17 13:36:07

Yes! Went into White Stuff yesterday. What a pile of total hideousness, they appear to have lost the plot entirely.

AlternativeTentacle Sun 23-Apr-17 13:38:09

Me too. Found one nice top so bought another 3 online but everything else is just horrid. such a shame [as I am hitting 50 this year it used to be my go-to shop].

user1471545174 Sun 23-Apr-17 14:07:53

The front page of the site doesn't look promising and there's no browse All option which means I don't look any further. I don't want to be "curated", thanks.

What a shame if they're going for "fashionable younger people" rather than serving their core market, which almost certainly has more disposable income.

AgathaMystery Sun 23-Apr-17 14:10:33

Also why are the tops so so short and wide?! It's like they are made for women with no torso and no boobs at all.

SnickersWasAHorse Sun 23-Apr-17 14:11:38

I went in yesterday and couldn't find anything I liked.
Annoyingly Seasalt is in the next town so involves a bit of a trip out to get anything.
However we are getting a Jules soon.

ComputerUserNotTrained Sun 23-Apr-17 14:22:36

I've just had a look online, and none of it seems young to me, nor does it look much different than it did last time I looked ten years ago confused

Floisme Sun 23-Apr-17 14:26:10

I agree with Computer that it looks much the same to me as it always has done. Ok I've now spotted a few frilly sleeves and a bit of embroidery on their website but I'd say 95% is their usual routine.

woodhill Sun 23-Apr-17 14:51:39

Yes, I usually like White Stuff and have been buying form a few years'. Things used to be pretty and I could always find something. Nice cotton and a variety of colours.

chicaguapa Sun 23-Apr-17 14:56:56

I only usually like the basics and some of the knitwear as I have a pear hourglass shape and the square cut is really unflattering on me.

Luckily WS change their stock more frequently than other shops so maybe there'll be something better soon.

MrsJaniceBattersby Sun 23-Apr-17 17:32:39

I found one T shirt I liked
In the entire shop

winterinmadeira Sun 23-Apr-17 17:36:19

I agree. I looked online and found a few things to order. This morning I parcelled the whole lot up to return. The fabrics and fit were awful.

Polarbearflavour Sun 23-Apr-17 17:51:04

I like White Stuff but am finding Sea Salt and Mistral better this year.

WS has an obsession with tight arms and side zips that are in impossible to get out of alone! Grrrr!

Babymamamama Sun 23-Apr-17 17:57:31

I've always found it to be the frumpiest of shops. No change there.

Alicekeach Sun 23-Apr-17 17:59:45

Just had a look at the website and I agree with the OP. What a load of hideous tat. A lot of it seems to be in mustard yellow which is not a colour that flatters many British skin tones. It reminds me of Kew a few years ago - they ditched their tried and tested formula for more "modern" designs in cheaper fabrics and ceased trading shortly afterwards.

ZaZathecat Sun 23-Apr-17 18:39:11

I think they are just following the current trend for frills on everything that I'm seeing in pretty much every other shop. I presume Per Una have stopped their frills in order not to look fashionable so that might be where to go now!

CakeNinja Sun 23-Apr-17 18:58:30

Don't shop in WS but went into Zara today to get a few bits for work. It's wall to wall ruffles hmm - might look okay in a circus, but a bit ridiculous in a primary school!
Decided to try my luck in Warehouse and was greeted with about 48 choices of garishly printed maxi dresses.
Went and bought a pair of unnecessary non school shoes from Kurt Geiger to get over the shock 😂

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