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To feel isolated within motherhood?

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lakewiththewhiteswan Sun 23-Apr-17 08:57:41

I know so many people have it a LOT worse than me and honestly, I'm not moaning. I'm just wondering if how I feel is normal.

My husband works long hours and due to a pretty literal series of unfortunate events we have NO wider family at all. The only one we have is my SiL who lives in Australia. This means we have to work out all issues pertaining to childcare ourselves.

I know there are many in the same boat on here but in my "real life" it's really unusual and everyone can leave their babies with grandparents and sisters for an hour or two. My husband is really good, and he recognises I sometimes need a break so that's arranged. But I still feel the isolation of bringing children up in a sort of self contained way.

user1491572121 Sun 23-Apr-17 12:29:24

I was the same OP, when mine were small. I did have family in the area but my Mum would not babysit AT ALL and my sisters were very busy with their own families.

We had no real support at all, DH and I. It's part of the reason we did eventually move to AUstralia where my DH is from because his Mum is very hands on and will take my kids for a weekend.

What I will say is that it gets better when they begin will get a break properly then AND start making friends.

Well actually I made Mum friends when mine began school...but you will get there.

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