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Does anyone find this slightly ironic?

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ontheroadtorio Sun 23-Apr-17 00:17:32

First post.........
My small pack of pills for my overactive bladder contains a siliaca gel pack to keep them dry - just asking?

chastenedButStillSmiling Sun 23-Apr-17 00:37:12


whattheactualfudge Sun 23-Apr-17 00:39:26


WorraLiberty Sun 23-Apr-17 00:40:24


WorraLiberty Sun 23-Apr-17 00:42:33

I used to love the paracetamol bottles years ago

"Line up arrows and push off" grin

Or the antiperspirant sticks

"Remove lid and push up bottom"

My farts smelled lovely for weeks grin

chastenedButStillSmiling Sun 23-Apr-17 00:44:10

we used to love "child proof caps" which we had to get our child to open for us as we couldn't manage it. How we laughed!!!! we don't get out much

MenopausalRubbish Sun 23-Apr-17 01:00:02

worra grin

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