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If your NDNs offer to help you move...

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GemmaB78 Sat 22-Apr-17 19:01:49

For the second day running, my OH, the car & my horse trailer are being borrowed by our soon-to-be-ex NDNS to help them move. I have no problem with this - OH kindly offered, and we are good friends with them.

But they are so disorganised! I dropped the trailer off onto their drive yesterday morning and NOTHING had been packed. They didn't start loading until 5pm. OH got home knackered and starving at 10 pm.
He's still there now. I have a competition tomorrow so need to get the box back to stables and loaded up ready for an early start.

AIBU to think if someone offers to help you move, you get as much ready so that all they have to do is load it in, drive and unpack.

Or do I just accept that this is how some people operate!

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