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That the Labour party must 'split' if they end up with less than 150 seats at the election.

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flyingwithwings Sat 22-Apr-17 16:56:10

Current political betting suggests the Labour party are going to end up with under 25% of the vote and around 160-170 seats at the General Election.

Surely any lower than 150 would make the Labour party as one form totally extinct toothless and pointless.

An idea would surely be to split the party in to two with the elected MPs deciding which path to take either the Corbyn/Abbott Mcdonnell Rayner way or the Kendall /Chakka Umar pathway .

The second way could eventually lead to an affiliation with the Lib Dems starting with at least 25-30 % to start with the creation of a new party.

I cant for a moment think why the second group would want to be associated with 'Labour Party' name given such a disaster.

DoNotBlameMeIVotedRemain Sat 22-Apr-17 17:06:43

But you've just invented all that. You have no idea how it will pan out.

flyingwithwings Sat 22-Apr-17 17:12:36

Current average polling results via Electoral Calculus/Uk Polling report suggest a 130-150 seat majority !

Labour down to around 160-170.

It be regarded as a job well done if Labour manage to keep the majority under 100 and keep their seats to about 190...

ThreeLeggedHaggis Sat 22-Apr-17 17:13:16

YABU for posting another fucking non-AIBU politics thread in AIBU.

ImperialBlether Sat 22-Apr-17 17:15:17

The losing party doesn't have to split! The LibDems have about 8 seats and nobody's suggesting they do anything other than stand in as many places as they can. If Labour lose then it's likely JC will be ousted, that's all.

PortiaCastis Sat 22-Apr-17 17:15:24

Go and bang your drum on the politics section

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