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To think this is the wankiest thing I've ever eaten?

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Mrsknackered Sat 22-Apr-17 12:53:11

Aspen fries.
Apparently cooked in truffle oil and they have a 'peak' of Parmesan dumped grated on top, like the snowy mountain.
They cost £5, came in a tiny wire basket and the Parmesan formed a plasticky sheet of dandruff which welded to the first layer of chips.
I don't know why I let the waiter talk me into them.
What's the wankiest thing you've eaten?!

ProudBadMum Sat 22-Apr-17 12:57:13

So cheesy chips? Better from a dirty take away.

Nothing wanky but I'm fed up of getting food served in baskets and planks of wood.

KellyBoo000 Sat 22-Apr-17 13:08:18

I had parmesan and truffle fries recently and they were DELICIOUS.

The naming and presentation of your Aspen fries definitely Italy sounds wanky though.

AmserGwin Sat 22-Apr-17 13:09:19

No photo? Were they nice though? Agree with hating baskets, slates and slabs of wood too. Just give me a plate!

toffeeboffin Sat 22-Apr-17 13:10:13

Total bag of wank OP.

Chips n gravy'll sort you.

MakeItStopNeville Sat 22-Apr-17 13:10:32

Truffle fries make me feel sick, which is a shame as I like eating them!

Libitina Sat 22-Apr-17 13:13:27

I'm eating a Greggs sausage roll for lunch keeping it real.


Pyjamaface Sat 22-Apr-17 13:16:07

I have Greggs sausage roll for breakfast Libitina It was bloody lovely grin

ItsOut Sat 22-Apr-17 13:18:19

Was this at Hush Brasserie? They sell them for £6 😜

Very wanky indeed.

usernumbernine Sat 22-Apr-17 13:22:06

We get the best chips from the chinese take away up the road. They're done in garlic with some sort of sugary coating. they are lush beyond lush.

AGnu Sat 22-Apr-17 13:23:07

We took PILs to a Michelin starred restaurant for a big anniversary once. I can't remember what I had but I do remember MIL commenting that the leaves they decorated it with were usually considered weeds. It seemed like quite a hipster thing to do - "here's your ridiculously expensive lunch that we made out of some weeds we found in the alley..." It was at least served in a bowl but it was a few years ago before all the boards/baskets took off. It'd probably be artfully arranged in a broken flower pot also from the alley now!

Asmoto Sat 22-Apr-17 13:24:00

The epitome of wankiness, OP. I've just had a shockingly low-brow Bombay Bad Boy for lunch shock

youngestisapsycho Sat 22-Apr-17 13:25:51

Chips with garlic and sugar!! Please tell me you live in West London 😂

usernumbernine Sat 22-Apr-17 13:26:46

Sadly not West London - I don't know what it is it's crunchy and slightly sweet - I'm going to have to go up tonight and have take away now so I can ask them what it is

LadyOfTheCanyon Sat 22-Apr-17 13:30:53

I've got a hangover so I've been grazing on bits from the fridge and weeping intermittently.
Aspen fries though. I'm going to have a think about the wankiest food I've had but my brain is currently like warm marmalade so I may be a while.

Libitina Sat 22-Apr-17 13:44:42

LadyOfTheCanyon, you need a sausage roll. Food of champions!

LadyOfTheCanyon Sat 22-Apr-17 13:50:01

You're not wrong there. But the Greggs is so far away and I'm so very tired.... sad

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sat 22-Apr-17 13:52:14

Hmm, I'm torn. I get what you mean by the wankiness but truffle oil and Parmesan is seriously gorgeous on fries. Then again, I'm partial to chips and gravy too (who mentioned them? Did you have to? I want them noooowwww!)

Ginkypig Sat 22-Apr-17 13:54:59

Iv just had 2 well fired rolls with crips and coleslaw on them blush

Was bloody lovely though!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sat 22-Apr-17 13:56:56

I ate some flavoured air once. Apparently.

Mrsknackered Sat 22-Apr-17 14:04:42

Gwin no photo as the place was packed and I didn't want too look to much like a wanker myself blush
I can't remember who up thread said they had a low brow Bombay bad boy. I'm hoping that is as in the pot noodle?
My dad used to make me it when I was younger inbetween two slices of thick white cheap bread. It was insane.
I actually did this the other day and then hid the evidence in the wheelie bin!
I really bloody want a Greggs sausage roll now. I just adore that grey meat sad

Pinkheart5915 Sat 22-Apr-17 14:06:17

The cafe in the village here has " artisan Toasted bread topped with smashed avocado & hand squeezed lemon juice" Why not just say avocado on toast? I don't even like avocado It's devil snot but I buy 1 for the babies to share.

When me and dh went in to London with friends for a meal last month, we had lots of flavoured gels with our main confused lamb main which came with a lid on the dish when said lid was lifted off you got a smell of rosemary air. Dessert was served with dry ice and straw, I just wanted my cheesecake

UppityHumpty Sat 22-Apr-17 14:21:21

The poshest thing I've eaten was called a Bangkok Bad Boy lol: Lemongrass and spring onion soup, with partridge and rice noodles finished off with a soy and truffle oil dressing.

Asmoto Sat 22-Apr-17 14:25:25

I had the low brow Bombay Bad Boy, as opposed to the upmarket Bangkok Bad Boy grin - yes, it was only a pot noodle, alas, not a Saturday morning sexual adventure!

UppityHumpty Sat 22-Apr-17 14:30:42

Speaking from experience @Asmotos - both Bangkok Bad Boys and Bombay Bad Boys are great for a bit of Satuday morning fun wink

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