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Acid attack in East London

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CosmoKlit Sat 22-Apr-17 08:43:24

I've been reading about this and it's pretty horrifying. A group of friends and I were talking about it last night and we got into a discussion about how the emergency services reacted to the situation. Fire brigade, police and advanced paramedics all arrived very quickly according to

However, many of the reports and articles I've read have comments from people who had been burnt critiscing the paramedics, saying that it took too long to be admitted to hospital (admission to burns unit in Essex two hours after incident) and other saying that it took so long they actually went home and only decided to attend hospital many hours later (where they were admitted to burns unit at Chelsea).

Group of friends thought this was absolutely unreal and that everyone should have been blue lighted to hospital immediately. I totally think that actually if you are well enough to go home and only decide to attend hospital later (as with the couple that went to Chelsea) it's quite obvious why you would have been expected to wait for an ambulance (or be advised to get someone to take you to hospital, get a taxi etc).

I also think that two hours from incident to a hospital ward admission is actually very quick - that's triage on scene, ambulance trip, accident and emergency and onto burns unit all within two hours. There were already other people (one who has since lost their sight) receiving treatment in the burns unit in Essex.

So, AIBU to actually think the emergency services did a fabulous job and think my friends just don't have a bloody clue about using ambulance services appropriately?

[I've had burns and hospital admissions - so not sure if I just a bit touchy about this because I took a taxi - even though was offered an ambulance, or if there is just a general lack of awareness about ambulance service and triage]

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