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Should buyer pay for resposting item undelivered due to giving wrong address?

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sliten Fri 21-Apr-17 13:09:26

I sell on Etsy.
A week or so ago I had a parcel returned to me due to the addressee being unknown.
I checked the invoice and address label and I had sent it to the address on file.
I contacted the buyer, they said they’d had Etsy deliveries before without problems but the address they confirmed with me had a different house number. They asked me to resend to the address in the message.
I sent another message pointing out the difference in addresses between the Etsy invoice and the address they put in the message, I pointed out I’d been given the wrong address but I didn’t receive a reply to that message confirming the correct address or accepting their error.
I sent another message after Easter. They finally replied today asking me to repost ASAP to the address “in previous emails”.

AIBU to expect them to pay the postage for this? It will only cost £3 but I do not overcharge on postage and keep my prices competitive so I do not want to take a hit on this due to the buyer’s error. It’s irritated me that they've not acknowledged it was their fault for giving Etsy the wrong address and just expect me to resend for free, though I have not yet requested additional payment for postage.
The one other time I had a parcel returned to me was due to the buyer not collecting from the PO, she immediately offered to pay for it to be resent and there was no issue.

I’m a bit concerned about negative feedback, after only ever getting 5 start ratings I’m not sure if I can contest negative reviews, though I’d expect Etsy to be on my side with this as they should be able to see the records of her address being given incorrectly. But more so I’m just annoyed and even if I was a shop making massive profits the buyer would surely be expecting to pay the additional postage costs in this situation?

Palegreenstars Fri 21-Apr-17 13:15:55

Ask them to pay and see what they say

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