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To not want to do another first aid course.

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CaulkheadNorth Fri 21-Apr-17 10:24:32

I have a FT job, and another role one night a week, in exchange for free accommodation. That role is from Feb-June.

A condition of doing the role was that I had a current first aid certificate. When I began, I showed my one from my job, but I had done it a year previously and they wanted me to do a new course incase anything had changed. I still had two years left on that certificate.

I did the course, taking annual leave from my job for it. A few weeks later I had a call saying I hadn't attended the course and needed to do it again. They offered me one date to do it on, but I already had work commitments so said I couldn't.

I have explained that I already have a valid certificate but they have said I still need to redo it if it can't be proved I was there as it has cost them money. Each time I do it costs me 3 days of annual leave, and travel costs.

I leave in the middle of June. AIBU to not do another course?

Toobusytowee Fri 21-Apr-17 10:27:14

Can you contact the organisers of the course to provide evidence you did it? They should have given you a certificate. Maybe it just hasn't arrived yet and it will be on its way.

CaulkheadNorth Fri 21-Apr-17 10:29:21

The organisers are claiming I wasn't there. I was! They didn't have a signing in sheet so I can't prove tthat that way, and no certificate has arrived. I've been helpfully told "this does happen sometimes"...

haveacupoftea Fri 21-Apr-17 10:31:36

YANBU. And I agree whoever ran the course needs to sort this out

CaulkheadNorth Fri 21-Apr-17 10:40:43

if I was going to be there long term, or it was my only job then I'd suck it up and do another one I think. But by the time I've done it, I'll be leaving anyway

Toobusytowee Fri 21-Apr-17 11:14:05

That's not on at all. That would really annoy me. Three days for a course is quite a commitment and a waste of your time if you have to do it again. How did they think they were going to write your certificates if they never took your names down? How are they going to guarantee they won't make the same mistake again?

I do feel for your employer though. As far as they are concerned, you didn't do the course that you need to do and you have wasted their money.

Will you need this qualification for future jobs? It might be worth sucking it up and doing it again, just so you have proof for the future that you have this qualification. And your employer will be satisfied- in case you need references from them in the future. I think you need to be seen to be doing the right thing by your employer. And it will benefit you in the long run. But if you do redo the course, make sure to gather evidence that you have been. Take a photo with yourself at the course or something.

CaulkheadNorth Fri 21-Apr-17 11:20:57

I have one already in date, which I use for my actual job. The role this one was for is for a one night a week in exchange for accommodation role. When this finishes I'll still have my proper job, so it's unlikely I'd need them for a reference.

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