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Royal mail, delivery and red cards

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sashh Thu 20-Apr-17 16:07:27

I got an email this morning saying Royal Mail were going to deliver. I knew I would not be in but there is no way to notify them of that.

You cannot book a redelivery until you have the card through the door, at that point you can ask them to redeliver.

AIBU that this is a waste of everyone's time?

Surely there should be a system to stop them putting the parcel on the van. The item has a great long code number and they all have those little hand held scanners. I know everyone is short of time but the message saying the item was due for delivery was sent at 4.00 am and delivery wasn't attempted until 2 pm.

It's so frustrating, I can't collect it until tomorrow either.

miserableandinpain Thu 20-Apr-17 18:21:04

I used to leave a note on the door to leave it in my safe place and tge postie would do that then remove the note. Bow he just puts it there automatically. He has been doing our round for years though and not sure if they are actually allowed to... but you could try. Have alwys done this with couriers too

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