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To think all these YouTubers that are now going broke as advertising rates have gone down 90% are foolish

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brexitstolemyfuture Thu 20-Apr-17 09:28:02

I watch more YouTube than normal TV. With the advertiser boycott rates have fallen massively (90%+).

Now most of the people i know are asking people for money. These people were spending money on fast cars, clothes, gadgets, holidays and nice houses in the good times. Now a few weeks into the drop in rates and they say they are about to be homeless / loose everything.

Surely if you do some kind of very volatile work without a contract you save up a large pool of money so you can weather the hard times? Unless you are stupid.

ShowMePotatoSalad Thu 20-Apr-17 09:33:52

Which YouTubers are asking people for money? (Nosy)

brexitstolemyfuture Thu 20-Apr-17 09:36:23

Most of the medium sized ones. Onision is one of the biggest, despite him owning 3 houses outright and buying a Telstra for cash.

He's made a super cringy video saying YouTube is fucking him rather than just admitting his videos are shit and people have tired

Hollycatberry Thu 20-Apr-17 09:37:41

Which YouTubers are asking people for money?

I was wondering that too.

I thought most of the big youtubers got a lot of free stuff sent to them by brands to advertise within their videos. Granted that might not pay the bills, but it would provide them with 'things'.

2014newme Thu 20-Apr-17 09:41:18

Sounds highly unlikely.

brexitstolemyfuture Thu 20-Apr-17 09:43:36

What sounds unlikely?

The reqlly big ones are begging yet, but they get most of their money through brand deals so it doesn't affect them.

TheGoodEnoughWife Thu 20-Apr-17 09:53:20

Oh dear, my heart bleeds for Onision. He may have to sell ONE of his cars! Or is probably just making what your dad makes.
Or, shock horror, he might have to work in Starbucks!

ShowMePotatoSalad Thu 20-Apr-17 10:03:15

There's a smallish YouTuber (5k subscribers) who routinely begs for money because he wants to move in with his fiancé (currently lives with his dad and is unemployed and nearly 40). He's incredibly capable and really good with computers etc but he just wants to do YouTube and describes his videos and "building a business". confused

Weird thing is people actually donate money to him.

Zpdi Thu 20-Apr-17 10:08:34

Never heard of onison is it via Paetron he's asking for money? As I don't see a problem with that it so, I subscribe to a couple of youtuber s on paetron I get rewards and I can support their content better as I watch mostly with Adblock on.

brexitstolemyfuture Thu 20-Apr-17 10:14:43

Exactly wife!

There is one couple who just go to Starbucks, trader Joe's and make smoothie "recipes" and now it's all on patreon for 5 a month, almost the same price as netflix hmm

PeanutButterCheesecake Thu 20-Apr-17 10:15:47

I don't really watch YouTube but just watched that onions guys. What a self-obsessed mardy twat he is. Who the fuck pays to watch that guy? Christ Almighty.

BlurryFace Thu 20-Apr-17 22:54:36

Onision is an utter creepy weirdo who does weird shit like encouraging teen female fans to mail in photos so he can tell them if they're fat, leaving his pet turtle outside under a bucket on a hot day so it died and has treated his partners like utter shit, so I wouldn't really trust him to tell the truth about anything and I'd rather burn my money than give it to him.

But yeah, any youtubers without a back up plan are daft/who haven't been putting money away for a rainy day are naive. I think it's fair enough to ask for Patreon donations if what you do costs money - Barely Political/Key of Awesome have one now, I notice, and they do put on proper productions.

StillHungryy Thu 20-Apr-17 23:33:44

Tbf isn't that the nature of the beast, riding the wave whilst there is demand, there was no guarantee that ad revenues would stay what they were they could increase or decrease, or they could lose viewers.

Whilst it's no doubt a big earner most will still have sponsorship deals etc and other marketing opportunities that bring them cash, patreon Pages, gamers literally have people making £50+ donations a day and countless small donations they should still be fine.

Ethylred Thu 20-Apr-17 23:51:55

Loving this thread, I have absolutely no idea what it's about. More tubers please.

LilQueenie Fri 21-Apr-17 00:06:36

if you are watching with adblock they don't get any fee for their videos nor do they get the fee if it is being watched via smartphone.

The advertisers did change stuff so the money made is actually less but its hard to get it in the first place. You really need a lot of views to earn much and the you need to keep it above £60 per month to receive the profits. Once that is released into the bank you start from zero £££ again.

user1491572121 Fri 21-Apr-17 00:11:45

I haven't heard about this...Onison is a weird pervert though. A 30 something man who comments about and "judges" 12 year old girls. He needs removing.

StillHungryy Fri 21-Apr-17 00:18:36


some people talk about 1000 true fans, all somebody needs is 1000 big fans who want to contribute, most YTers have clothing or whatever you only need 1000 people to give £5 a month through Patreon or even straight donations and that's £60k a year + say £20 t shirt is £80k a year total obviously it's harder than it seems and 1000 subscribers won't mean you're getting £80k per year but it's not astronomical numbers to make a living

squoosh Fri 21-Apr-17 00:22:16

Does this mean Zoella will soon be in the workhouse?

(She's the only Youtuber I've heard of)

FreeNiki Fri 21-Apr-17 00:29:41

how were they making cash in the first place?

LilQueenie Fri 21-Apr-17 00:40:25

on patreon yes but I mean on normal ad revenue. thats why so many have po boxes so they can get free gifts from their viewers.

brexitstolemyfuture Fri 21-Apr-17 10:07:20

Zoella isn't going to the workhouse anytime soon, she's still flogging overpriced bubble bath in superdrug while spending her life on the sofa rotting and constantly telling her 22 year old boyfriend she wants babies. Yes i know too much grin

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