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AIBU to be very depressed by this?

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Thesnail Wed 19-Apr-17 20:57:04

I'm 3 months into a new job in a Director level role in a very male dominated industry. I had a meeting today with two senior men and an external guy who was looking for us to partner with his business. At the start of the meeting, one of the senior execs outlined my role and explained that this topic fell within my domain.

During the meeting, which lasted 2 hours, the external party barely looked at me. He directed everything he wanted to say to the men. When I asked questions he looked at me while I spoke but then addressed his reply to the men, giving me only a few glances. I was sitting opposite him in a circle so it was harder for him to not look at me than look at me.

I was quite embarrassed by it and can only assume it's because I'm a woman. Now I'm trying to process it and work out if I could have done something without being aggressive. I've not worked for a while so maybe I've just forgotten that this happens now and again. AIBU to take it so much to heart?

Foslady Wed 19-Apr-17 21:16:17

You need to address this - if he comes in he's not going to see you as an equal.

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