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To think that you have to treat everyone the same?

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SharkiraSharkira Wed 19-Apr-17 19:53:09

I work in a cafe.

It's a fairly new business, consequently the menus have changed a few times. All the current menus are posted on our fb page/website etc as well as the menus in house.

We have 3, one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner. Breakfast stops at midday, when lunch starts and the dinner menu is served in the evening. All fairly standard. Except that the bosses have basically decided that if someone comes in in the evening and wants a breakfast, they can have it. Or if someone wants a lunch item and breakfast time, thats ok etc. But only if the are a local/a regular or if it's quiet.

Aibu to think this is a stupid idea and that it's ok to tell people no and stick with what's on the published menus? I realise they want to get as much business as possible but surely you have to treat everyone the same and not allowed certain people special treatment? I know if I went somewhere where that was the case I would be pissed off and probably complain (and I really not a big complainer!) Aibu?

TheNaze73 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:54:31

YABU. It's the bosses decision & I take it, that it's their business? Kind of get your point though

SaltyMyDear Wed 19-Apr-17 19:55:07

YABU. If it's quiet and you can do it, why wouldn't you? It's called customer service.

NapQueen Wed 19-Apr-17 19:56:14

If their evening meal has to be cooked fresh from scratch how is that any different to cooking a fry up at 6pm?

HallowedMimic Wed 19-Apr-17 19:57:30

I think your managers have the better idea.

Flexibility and good customer service encourages customer loyalty.

You should be able to tweak the menu etc. and it's great that it's encouraged.

There usis nothing less appealing than a 'computer says no/it's more than my job's worth' attitude.

wheresthel1ght Wed 19-Apr-17 19:57:53

I agree with you, you either do it for everyone assuming it is quiet or no one. Otherwise you are discriminating.

Trifleorbust Wed 19-Apr-17 19:59:17

It's up to them, really. Just make sure they are happy that you can refuse to make a breakfast at your discretion when you are on shift.

SpikeGilesSandwich Wed 19-Apr-17 20:06:03

I'm with the managers on this one, doesn't do any harm to bend the rules to keep your regulars happy. Kind of like pub lock-ins, do they still happen? not really allowed but ok at the manager's discretion.

MyLittleBoyBlue Wed 19-Apr-17 20:10:33

Yabu, small businesses like this need to make money where they can. Totally agree on not doing it at busy times though, that would be a waste of resources.

Meekonsandwich Wed 19-Apr-17 20:20:38

Have you not worked in retail before?
You keep your regulars happy, they keep the place open and wages in your pocket ;)

You're not going to advertise the fact and shout from the roof top "I just gave George a croissant and its 2pm! But NO LADY I WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU!"

you use discretion.
After all you don't want to be the sourpuss who says no to everybody, you'll get no tips and people won't come back xD it's no skin off your nose and keeps everybody happy!

SharkiraSharkira Wed 19-Apr-17 20:33:28

But it will be skin off my nose if the person behind the person who gets special treatment can't get the same and gets annoyed about it. I don't decide who gets what, I just make it.

I don't have an issue with doing it but you need to do it for everyone, not just Jeff and Margret who come in every Tuesday and not a new customer. People will get pissed off.

For example - manager agreed to make a meal that was not on the menu for X on a day I wasn't in. X then came in another day when it was busy and wanted the same thing. I had to say 'sorry I can't make that now because it's busy and I don't have that particular piece of equipment switched on'. They weren't happy that they couldn't have it again but that is what happens when you do this sort of thing!

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