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Broken arm :-(

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littlem133 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:08:07

AIBU to be thoroughly pissed off & frustrated that I have broken my arm?! Fortunately it's not my dominant arm however it's a complicated break so I've been signed off work for 2 months, I'm in pain or uncomfortable, I've spent 3 days in hospital the past week, everything takes 10 times longer to do or I panic I'm damaging my wrist arm more. And the biggy is that I have a 2yr old I am now having to negotiate with constantly and 2 older boys who go to school 45 mins up the hill. confused Any words of wisdom or tips to help me survive PLEASE?!

Ionacat Wed 19-Apr-17 19:14:18

I did this in January with a 8 week old and 6 year old - complex fracture in my dominant hand. Bribery all the way with the 6 year old! I appealed for help and so many people offered from taking the oldest to school to cleaning/shopping/nappy changing/cooking.
Are you in a light weight cast? Once I was in a fibreglass cast everything was much easier to manage. I also did as much exercise with my arm as I was allowed which meant once the cast came off it was mobile very quickly.

littlem133 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:41:50

I'm still in a plaster of Paris cast and waiting for a possible op on my ligaments. I've stopped taking any pain killers today as I'm fed up of feeling groggy and knackered. 8 week old?! I can't imagine that. Any tips on doing daily stuff?

intheknickersoftime Wed 19-Apr-17 19:47:49

I broke my wrist last year and was in a plaster if Paris cast for 6 weeks. I really do sympathise. The cast was so heavy. My wrist was really weak for ages and i couldn't go cycling for ages afterwards as i couldn't move the gears and ended up putting on loads of weight! I agree with doing as much physiotherapy as you can to strengthen it. Hope it heals quickly. It really sucks.

littlem133 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:53:44

I like hearing from people how shit it is. It kind of means I'm allowed to be pissed off! I'm going to have to do lots of walking as I can't drive but is there any other exercise I can try?

thefairyfellersmasterstroke Wed 19-Apr-17 19:57:48

I'm still recovering from a really bad break more than a year ago, so I know how frustrating it is. Best tips are keep wiggling your fingers, and keep taking the meds as you will need them once the physio starts. The handiest dressing tip I got was keep your bra fastened, and just step into it and pull up with your good hand, then down again at night. Much easier than trying to fiddle about with the clip in a cast! Hope it improves quickly.

Boooooom Wed 19-Apr-17 19:58:03

Try strengthening training by filling a large glass with wine and lifting it to your face...

Boooooom Wed 19-Apr-17 19:58:47

Ok I wish someone had given me that bra tip when I broke mine! Brilliant!

littlem133 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:03:04

They are both just fantastic tips! Thank you!

FumBluff1 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:05:00

I am recovering from breaking a bone in my foot, so I feel for you!

Ionacat Wed 19-Apr-17 20:05:45

Daily stuff i just did what I could and accepted that it took longer than normal and accepted all offers of help! My house had never been so clean. I got a cover so that I could have a shower without getting it wet - had those at night. Everything was preprepared food wise as I found cutting vegetables etc. almost impossible. I had a basket handy so I could carry things around.
I had a plaster of paris for 10 days - it was horrible and so heavy, but the lightweight one was much more manageable and felt more secure. I did a countdown until I got the cast off! Then had an epic bath!!

Ionacat Wed 19-Apr-17 20:06:32

Take all your meds especially ibuprofen and keep your arm raised, I got my lightweight cast once the swelling had gone down.

AdaColeman Wed 19-Apr-17 20:09:38

When I had a fractured elbow I found a soft fabric bag with a long strap that I wore across my body helped me carry things around the house.

At night a V shaped pillow or ordinary pillows piled in a V meant I slept better as they stopped me rolling over.

Lots of meals with rice as I couldn't cut anything up! grin

Once I'd started healing I got some therapeutic putty and did lots of work with it to get all my fine control back in my fingers.

All the very best, I remember what a horrible time it was.

Imissmy0ldusername Wed 19-Apr-17 20:12:03

knitting needles are ace for having a good scratch when your arm gets itchy.

inkydinky Wed 19-Apr-17 20:12:45

Oh heck. Haven't ever broken my arm but had a complicated break in my leg last year which was a total disaster (single parent) but children thankfully school age. My top tip (other than accept any and all offers of help!) is to sort out whatever you're going to use to cover your cast when showering sooner rather than later. I needed to buy a full plastic leg covering which took a few days to arrive and by then I was GRIM blush. Qualifies as the best shower of my life though! grin

Popskipiekin Wed 19-Apr-17 20:23:31

Yup you need a Limbo waterproof cover immediately! smile so sorry you're going through this. I broke both wrists and an elbow kind of one after the other but didn't have kids at the time. First couple of weeks till swelling goes down in your fingers you are going to need extra help - can you borrow a young adult/babysitter to help with bath time etc? Suck up the cost of getting someone to help in the morning for at least a week? Call in as many favour as possible for the school run. Order in some ready meals.
Keep on top of the medication for the pain - brufen/paracetamol alterate doses so you're never more than 2 hours from another pill (obviously obviously keeping within daily limits for painkillers).
If it's a bad break do you have a plate/screws? In which case I don't think you can damage it by using it - or that's what the consultant told me when he set my arm.
Get some physio lined up soon and do it do it do it. Good luck.

LilacSpatula Wed 19-Apr-17 20:24:44

Absolutely shite and I feel for you. Broke my hand and was WFH for three months. Make sure you get out of the house as often as possible.

LilacSpatula Wed 19-Apr-17 20:25:00

And yes yes yes to physio.

LilacSpatula Wed 19-Apr-17 20:25:42

And painkillers are a must - I couldn't sleep at all.

NapQueen Wed 19-Apr-17 20:26:19

Can the 2yo go to whatever childcare he would have been at while you were at work? If so during those times just rest.

RainyAfternoon Wed 19-Apr-17 20:31:08

Oh dear! You poor thing. I borrowed someone else's au pair to come in during the day to help with housework for a couple of hours and also meal prep. Eg cutting up and freezing onions. And of course put kids in school meals and school bus. And asked friends for loads of favours...

littlem133 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:43:08

You've all made me cry with your sympathy. I've tried to be brave but I just feel a bit sorry for myself this evening and cross with DH for having no idea or understanding what it's like. I just managed to get DS3 (aged 2) fed, bathed and bed (inc shitty nappy!) and then wash my hair and he came gone from sports training with the older boys and was surprised I hadn't prepared dinner 😬 I've got friends so they'll help with after school lifts and DS3 will continue going to nursery a couple of days a week.

Chinnygirl Wed 19-Apr-17 20:45:19

I broke my wrist badly in January. Everybody told me that a bone break only hurts for seconds. Nope, I was groaning and crying on the floor for at least ten minutes. I'd rather have my wisdom tooth out again without painrelief. At least that was quick. People told me that the general aches stop after a week. Nope again. And then they saw that the bones kept moving around (explains the ongoing pain) so I needed surgery. I hated it all. Although by the time I had the surgery I kind of had gotten used to my cast.

I found it really painful to put my bra on (but that was the bones rubbing together) and I had a bad hair day for weeks on end. And going to the toilet took ages because of the dressing/undressing. I lived in leggings and jersey dresses because they were easy to put on or take off. Oh, and the gyneacologist had to help my climb into the chair for the IUI.

It is true that you find new ways to do stuff. I bought one of thise expensive plastic coverings for showering and I loved it. I could hold the soap or put some shampoo on my covering and then rub it in my hair while using the other hand as well. I gave up on earrings and nailpolish for a while though.

DancingLedge Wed 19-Apr-17 21:00:56

You really need help. Other parents at school and nursery will understand that, but if you appear to be coping, people might assume you're managing ok. So do what many of us find difficult and ask for help.
There was a rota of parents collecting and delivering 2 children whose mum broke her arm. ,when mine were at primary.A couple of days a week each, no biggy. And preface it by saying how many weeks you anticipate being in plaster; that way people realise this is a big deal, and rally round. If you find this difficult, maybe someone else could ask for you?
Best of luck.

allegretto Wed 19-Apr-17 21:04:04

Its awful OP so you have my sympathy. My only tip would be to let youknow you can get one handed dental floss! Only found this out after several weeks!

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