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To ask how you pronounce Amelia

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moonlightmile Wed 19-Apr-17 03:08:05

DD is called Amelia. Most people I know seem to pronounce it 'ah-mil-yuh', which is how I have always said it. However, we have recently moved to a completely new area and EVERYONE here pronounces it 'ah-mee-lee-yah', which imo sounds so so annoying. I know I am probably being pretentious not liking the way people say it, but I never realised it was pronounced like that!

Is this the normal way and I've always been saying it wrong??

PhantomBlooper Wed 19-Apr-17 03:09:45

I say it the second way. Soz, OP!

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 19-Apr-17 03:10:39

I have never heard anyone say Ah-mil-yuh!! confused

NE14T Wed 19-Apr-17 03:11:01

Wow, I've always said it A-meelee-ya. I had no idea there was another way to pronounce it and I know a lot of Amelia's!

DancingOnMyOwn Wed 19-Apr-17 03:12:26

My niece is called Amelia, and a few of my Dd's friends are as well. We all say it the second way.

pincha Wed 19-Apr-17 03:12:36

Second way for me too. First way seems strange to me. Where have you moved from/to (roughly!)?

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 19-Apr-17 03:13:19

Also how old is your DD that you are only just realising how her name is pronounced? Because if she's very young and you don't like it, you can always change it? Ah-me-lee-ya is the correct and common pronounciation so you will get it a lot. Sorry OP!

coolaschmoola Wed 19-Apr-17 03:14:14


NEVER heard anyone say it any other way. It sounds like it might be a local mispronunciation that hasn't traveled.

pincha Wed 19-Apr-17 03:14:58

Trying to say it the first way makes me put on a broad Yorkshire accent grin

nooka Wed 19-Apr-17 03:15:59

I'd pronounce it the second way too. I don't think it's pretentious to like a different pronunciation, but I'm not sure you are right. Might just be an accent thing though.

Hamsolo Wed 19-Apr-17 03:16:52

Are you American? That's the only way I can make your first version sound right. I think the standard UK pronunciation is a-mee-lee-a.

nocoolnamesleft Wed 19-Apr-17 03:17:09

Only ever heard it the second way.

AcrossthePond55 Wed 19-Apr-17 03:17:32

I pronounce it somewhere between the two: Ah-meel-ya.

moonlightmile Wed 19-Apr-17 03:23:03

pincha I used to live in a small (south eastern-ish) town where my DP is from, we have moved to a big northern city. I think it's mainly the accent which makes it sound so different!

I probably pronounce it wrong as English isn't my first language, I am originally from eastern Europe and even though I have lived here most of my life I still have a slight accent. I guess other people just said it how we say it when talking to her confused

DisneyMillie Wed 19-Apr-17 03:24:42

Never heard it pronounced the first way - always second. It is my daughters name and was my great grandmas name - only time I've ever heard anyone say it differently is abroad where they've said a-mel-eee-a.

TitaniasCloset Wed 19-Apr-17 03:25:41

The second way of course.

Treasures Wed 19-Apr-17 03:33:40

Second way for me too. It sounds northern when I say it the first way (and I'm not northern).

WankingMonkey Wed 19-Apr-17 03:34:04


steff13 Wed 19-Apr-17 03:37:44

I'm American, and my niece is an Amelia, and we all pronounce it the second way.

KoalaDownUnder Wed 19-Apr-17 03:38:50

Second way.

Never heard the first way!

RedBullBlood Wed 19-Apr-17 03:46:10

Second way, four syllables. Sorry, op.

GinSwigmore Wed 19-Apr-17 03:52:58 <I say this (2nd way) < this is closer to how you're saying it but frenchified amélia : the comments section is hell no

GinSwigmore Wed 19-Apr-17 03:54:56
^ second way again. Sorry OP <gavel>

GinSwigmore Wed 19-Apr-17 04:01:58

French would be Amélie
Amélia is Portuguese?

Still cannot find Ah Mil Yuh
Thought eastern Europeans prefer Amalia not helpful

Bottom line: does it matter? Can you start calling her Mila or Milly as a nn?

sykadelic Wed 19-Apr-17 04:04:04

Adding to the chorus of 2nd way

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