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To ask what kind of holiday clothes i'd look best in? or best sun clothes sites

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user1488487346 Wed 19-Apr-17 02:27:50

Or what kind you wear? Lets say im size 14 on the bottom, pear/hourglass figure even though im a bit overweight. I find maxi dresses balloon especially cheap ones... im young so want stuff that look my age..

Going to lanzarote in 5 weeks and trying to increase exercise etc, just to look a bit smaller there... i usually cut out heavy carbs before a holiday..

What sites are good for cheap sun clothes? primark hasnt got much, i find the likes of boohoo etc expensive!!

TitaniasCloset Wed 19-Apr-17 02:33:04

New look? River island? Very?

Or try Amazon, but delivery might take longer and often difficult to get the sizing right.

gottaloveascamhun Wed 19-Apr-17 06:22:25

Ebay! Search for the brands you like in your size. New and nearly new clothes delivered to your door. Bargain.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Wed 19-Apr-17 06:35:28

H&M for cheap sun dresses and pool wear. Gap for dresses and shorts.

apotheke Wed 19-Apr-17 06:50:19

I am your shape and size and find Dorothy Perkins and Warehouse cut well for this shape in summer clothes.

I got a lovely, casual Warehouse dress recently that's versatile and flattering. They do a lot that are t-shirt style with gathered waists which skim the bum and aren't too short (I'm the tall side of average) and DP do longer length shorts that cover large thighs while still looking quite nice. I've finally learned that denim shorts/minis do not work for pears and chucked them all out.

Have a great holiday!

girlywhirly Wed 19-Apr-17 08:07:16

Matalan have good separates and also swimwear and beach cover-ups.

Fluffyears Wed 19-Apr-17 08:09:09

Dorothy perkins is where I get all my shorts. I'm a super ear shape with a bottom end that is at least one size bigger than the top.

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