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Feeling insecure

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user1492473947 Tue 18-Apr-17 16:26:47

My husband and I have a spirited, lovable 4 year old boy and are expecting a little girl in just four weeks time.

We dont have many friends but the three other couples we do often spend time with are supportive, kind and more than enough. Some of us went to school together and have been friends for more years than we care to imagine and they've all got children of a similar age.

We're not in each other's pockets but I would go as far to say we were close.

We live in different parts of town and our children are all at different schools. It's of course understandable that my girl friends will have friends outside of our usual group but I've not found this very easy at all. I'm not very socially confident and although my son has been at playgroup for two years, there is not a single person in the playground I feel okay to stride up to and start chatting with. I've exchanged words with other parents but never been able to get beyond this.

I suppose it is only natural that at a time when the subject of school placements and change has come up, I might be forgiven for feeling a bit uncertain of things and perhaps being a bit sensitive.

However, I've just seen on Facebook that two of the couples I am very close with have been on a day out to a kids theme park without so much as a word to me or my other mate.

I know we're not duty bound to do everything together but this is a place we discovered as a group last year and really, really enjoyed. My son and I would have loved to have gone back.

I've no idea why nothing was mentioned! Perhaps they think I'm too pregnant to waddle round somewhere like this for the day? Perhaps I've done/said something that's not yet come up? I'm clueless!!

The first I knew about it were pictures of them all having the most lovely time together on social media. The day they went my boy and I spent mooching round the house bored trying to find something to do to entertain ourselves during the holiday.

I'm hugely hurt not to have been asked along. I just can't see why they wouldn't have and its left me wondering what I could have done for them not to want me there.

These three couples are kind of my only friends (sad but true!) and to find that they don't want me out with them is making me question, well everything really!

AIBU? Have I a right to be upset? Where do I go from here?

gamerchick Tue 18-Apr-17 20:50:52

I would put money on it being you ready to drop in a few weeks OP. The last thing I would have wanted to do is go to a theme park.

It isn't something that would register with me, I very much doubt it's anything the anxious part of your brain is tell you it is.

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