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My Easter miracle

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FairytalesAreBullshit Mon 17-Apr-17 23:53:08

Ok so to sum things up, over the years my health has got really bad, I lost interest in a lot of stuff I used to do, focussing all energy on my hormonal DS who seems to hate the world as my DD who is entering the prepubescent stages of hell. (Lighthearted of course!)

I sorted out Easter Cards, some were bought, others were to be made. So I drew something for DS to hand to his friend, with another card for the family. It turns out we'd both got each other the same card, which I thought was amusing.

I also downloaded some books onto my Kindle, a device I was oh so desperate for 2 years ago, but apart from DC having the odd book, I never touched it.

At present I sleep roughly 20 hours a day, sometimes I can stay awake longer, but ultimately I'll have super symptoms the next day.

Last night, possibly not the brightest idea for someone in a room alone I read a book which I found fascinating. I didn't overly make a fuss over it, but reading a book that was over 300 pages long was a big deal for me. I also loved doing the hand made drawings for other cards.

Seeing as I'm mostly supine, mostly asleep, this is such a marvellous achievement. I feel pretty elated.

I wondered if anyone else or your children had done anything that was totally amazing and should be celebrated.

Birdsgottaf1y Tue 18-Apr-17 00:05:41

I've been seriously ill and have had post viral CFS.

I had been putting off moving house because of my lack of energy etc (i'm swapping with a family member). I finally moved on Saturday. I 'paced' myself for two weeks and managed the move and leaving the house clean/organised.

We all pitched in with the cooking on Sunday and had a lovely day, which is rare as my Adult DDs clash.

Which has meant that I've had a chilled day because I haven't had to play counselor-come-referee.

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