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To ask midwives amongst you what gift you would like?

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blue2014 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:08:20

Want to buy something for hospital midwives, had 5 over the course of my stay.

What gift could I get them to share?

Crispyturtle Mon 17-Apr-17 22:12:52

Box of choccies / biscuits is always well received, but honestly the nicest thing is getting a lovely thank you card, really makes my day!

steff13 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:14:40

Not midwives, but when my mother was in a nursing home, we sent a cookie bouquet to the nurses on her floor after she passed away, to thank them for their care. One of those fruit bouquet would also be good.

It's been my experience that most people enjoy "treats," and something like that is different and can be easily shared.

Daffodils07 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:28:07

With my youngest son the midwives were fantastic, I gave a tub of roses to the day assessment unit (I was there a lot) a tub to labour & delivery and one to the ward.
I got some flowers for my actual midwife, and all above a thank you card.
Most are worth there weight in gold, and I will never forgot how well I was looked after.
Also a nice review on your hospitals website will I'm sure go long way to make them feel appreciated.

blue2014 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:32:58

Are chocolate and biscuits good enough? I wondered if you might be sick to death of them. Will definitely do a card and a review is also a brilliant idea seeing as I chose the hospital based on online reviews smile

Busybusybust Mon 17-Apr-17 22:34:06


Koalaid Mon 17-Apr-17 22:36:25

I took in a box box of chocolates to the unit and a proper thank you card. I also wrote a detailed positive review on the NHS page which I know meant a lot as I had a personal reply to that effect emailed to me afterwards.

Gracie17 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:39:47

My midwife was brilliant throughout a long labour. I bought her a spa day voucher!!

BillyButtfuck Mon 17-Apr-17 22:41:17

My mum works for a large global chocolate company and when dtwins were in NICU and TCU she would bring in a huge hoard of choccies for all the staff every few days to say thank you, not just the midwives but I was in for quite some time and had got to know some of the cleaning staff too, they were all really grateful.

SlB09 Mon 17-Apr-17 22:44:59

Not a midwife but nurse. We always like nice handcreams (little individual ones were not allowed to share for infection control!) Or things like hot chocolate, nice coffee/tea or staff room stuff thats also a treat. But like others have said a genuine thankyou is the best present that we remember 😁

CherylVole Mon 17-Apr-17 22:45:41

most public sector workers would say " a nice letter to my boss"

EastEndQueen Mon 17-Apr-17 22:48:42

Chocolate, fruit and biscuits always appreciated (as are bottles of shloer/ juice/ pop etc) as we often miss breaks or go a long time between them and it helps us get through the shift with a smile 😀

A quick email to the feedback team mentioning anyone who gave great care always brings a lovely warm glow to us too, if you have a moment with your new arrival xxx

watchingthedetectives Mon 17-Apr-17 22:50:24

Not a midwife but any HCP who has to wash their hands a hundred times a day likes nice hand cream so would second this from a PP

Pardonwhat Mon 17-Apr-17 22:50:34

A nice thank you card is always well valued!

blue2014 Tue 18-Apr-17 11:45:23

Thank you - all taken on board!

Sadly I don't remember anyone's name (hormones raddled my brain in the last week) so no personal thank you's sadly

Diamondsandpurls Tue 18-Apr-17 12:00:53

I bought costa coffee gift cards for the two who helped me the most-midwives, nurses, you're all amazing THANKYOU!!

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