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To ask if any of you have a grandparent who was born under Queen Victoria's reign?

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QueenArseClangers Mon 17-Apr-17 21:08:14

I know it sounds daft but not long ago I realised that my maternal grandmother was actually born when in Victorian times. During the last years albeit, but this has really blown my mind.
I'm only in my thirties!

Just goes to show that living memory is longer for others than we think.

QueenArseClangers Mon 17-Apr-17 21:09:09

'Scuse typos blush

MidLifeCrisis2017 Mon 17-Apr-17 21:10:54

All of mine - I remember my paternal grandmother telling me she stood by the roadside to watch the funeral procession - she was born in 1886.

MadameDePomPom Mon 17-Apr-17 21:12:00

I'm in my (very) late 30s and my grandparents were all born in the 1890s. None of them alive today though.

An Italian woman died this week, she was 118 or so and thought to be the last existing person who had been born in the 19th century.

Ethelswith Mon 17-Apr-17 21:12:18

Three of my grandparents were born in the late 1800s, and the fourth in the early 1900s so I think still a Victorian.

Bandycake Mon 17-Apr-17 21:12:20

Only just. Paternal Grandfather was born in 1901. Am also in my early thirties! When were yours born OP?

SnickersWasAHorse Mon 17-Apr-17 21:12:53

DH's grandmother was born in 1900.

Belmo Mon 17-Apr-17 21:13:14

I had to do a google there - wow she died in 1901! For some reason I thought was much earlier.
No, I'm 30 and all my grandparents were born in the 20s/30s. I think only one of my great grandparents was born then!

redexpat Mon 17-Apr-17 21:13:36

One was born in 1901.

DramaAlpaca Mon 17-Apr-17 21:14:58

My father's parents were born in 1899 and 1900, no longer with us obviously. I'm in my early 50s. DH's grandparents were born in the 1880s.

Noteventhebestdrummer Mon 17-Apr-17 21:15:25

My granny was born in 1889...

ExplodedCloud Mon 17-Apr-17 21:15:52

Grandparents were born in Edwardian and later times but I did know my great grandmother quite well and she saw Queen Victoria.

marriednotdead Mon 17-Apr-17 21:16:21

My maternal GF was born in 1899. Seems unthinkable.

ivykaty44 Mon 17-Apr-17 21:17:41

My grandfather was born, he was on of - eventually 16 children. Though sadly 8 died in childhood

Topseyt Mon 17-Apr-17 21:17:59

No, but only a couple of years after Queen Victoria died. My maternal grandmother was born in 1903. She died in 1994 aged 91.

I will be 51 this summer. My parents were both children in the Second World War,being only 11 and 12 when it finished. They are still around. Prime Ministers they would remember from Winston Churchill up to the present day.

Interesting slices of history when you come to think about it.

Doilooklikeatourist Mon 17-Apr-17 21:18:08

No , I'm 56 and my grandparents ( all now dead ) were born from 1904 onwards

60sname Mon 17-Apr-17 21:18:29

Yes my paternal grandparents. My grandfather would have been almost 100 years older than me (which would make him over 130 now!).

SparklesandBangs Mon 17-Apr-17 21:19:45

I'm pushing 50 as is DH none of our grandparents are still alive, however they were all born post 1915 so not Victorian anyway

KindergartenKop Mon 17-Apr-17 21:20:08

My oldest grandparent was born in 1906. Apparently he remembered the start of ww1 because it disrupted his summer holiday. His wife, my grandma, was born in 1916 and which was when women still didn't have the right to vote.
I'm early 30s.

isseywithcats Mon 17-Apr-17 21:20:38

im 60 now and my maternal grandmother was born in 1885, started out working as a under house parlourmaid and worked her way up to head cook she was 93 when she died and she got to see 4 of her great grandchildren before she went

HardcoreLadyType Mon 17-Apr-17 21:20:49

My maternal grandfather was born in 1899. The rest of them were born in early Edwardian times, though.

I am 48.

MumBod Mon 17-Apr-17 21:21:04

I'm 43 and my grandad was born in 1881, the same year as Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.

He fought at Ypres and The Somme.

Sadly I never met him.

60sname Mon 17-Apr-17 21:21:46

Am mid-thirties btw

Crispsheets Mon 17-Apr-17 21:22:26

All my grandparents born in 1890s. I'm 57

MissisBee Mon 17-Apr-17 21:22:39

My grandfather was born in 1900, grandmother was born 3 weeks after Queen Victoria died. I'm mid 30s

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