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To trump in front of new partner

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Mummysrcrazy1 Mon 17-Apr-17 18:54:12

Not really a Aibu!!
is it just me or have you every felt embrassed about farting in front of a new partner/date?
Also I hate going to the toliet for a number 2 in my partners flat or friends toilets etc, if its a really must I put loads of toilet roll down 1st so you can't hear the plop!!
Yes!! Childish ik but is anyone else like this? Or is it just me?

ZilphasHatpin Mon 17-Apr-17 18:54:58

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

itsgood2talk Mon 17-Apr-17 19:02:29

So glad you've said this I do the exact same thing blush

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Mon 17-Apr-17 19:03:20

Been with dh for 5 years and he has never heard me fart.

Teabagtits Mon 17-Apr-17 19:03:53

Best get it over with quickly. The smellier the better. If they stick around you're doing ok.

oldwife Mon 17-Apr-17 19:06:15

It's up to you.

I don't do it. We like to keep a little mystery in our marriage. wink

But Trump away if you must, it's not very good manners though

HecateAntaia Mon 17-Apr-17 19:08:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaudeandHarold Mon 17-Apr-17 19:10:09

I have IBS and UC. I occasionally chance a fart. But with UC it's a risky business. DP is not bothered. If it's 'aromatic' i usually go elsewhere for politeness' sake.....wink

DorkMaiden Mon 17-Apr-17 19:10:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mummysrcrazy1 Mon 17-Apr-17 19:11:37

No I wouldn't dare lift my leg and let rip but I'm sooo embrassed to even go to the toliet went out at 12.30am this morning made an excuse that I needed a 24/7 garage what is open to buy lady things but instead found the local mc D's and rushed to the loo

CatTheMouse Mon 17-Apr-17 19:12:39

I thought I was doing well in this area. Kept them hidden and he never heard me do one. That was until he informed me that I literally spent all night trumping when I was asleep. Real stinky knee tremblers. My advice? Get them out before bedtime while you still have some control over how loud/long they are!!! grin

Trifleorbust Mon 17-Apr-17 19:12:50

I wouldn't fart in front of a new date. They know people do it, but IMO it shows a certain unwillingness to make the effort!

DevelopingDetritus Mon 17-Apr-17 19:14:57

I know what you mean OP but with me I wouldn't be able to keep it up for long, I'm very windy and it would leave me in pain holding it in.

witchofzog Mon 17-Apr-17 19:15:58

There is a first fart window imo. Around 6 months. After this forever hold em. I used to fart in front of one partner but not another. This was because I passed the first fart window and it just felt odd to suddenly start lol. grin

DevelopingDetritus Mon 17-Apr-17 19:18:03

there have been unexpected ones and we say excuse me. but neither of us lifts an arse cheek and pushes) Crying here.

Nocabbageinmyeye Mon 17-Apr-17 19:22:00

Nope 10 years together, no need to fart or discuss bowel movements. I'm not a prude I just think its unnecessary really, if I happened to fart I wouldn't die of embarrassment but it would be an accident or in my sleep, if it happens when you sleep it doesn't count obviously

INXS Mon 17-Apr-17 19:24:20

witchofzog actually lolling here

CatTheMouse Mon 17-Apr-17 19:24:28


It doesn't?? You have made my day!!

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 17-Apr-17 19:36:21

Let it go, let it go

We are both very at ease with our bodily functions, nothing is taboo. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with lack of respect and everything to do with being completely at ease with each other.

Farts are funny.

MadameDePomPom Mon 17-Apr-17 19:40:48

It's a bit uncouth to fart in front of a new beau. Especially if ones farts are prone to be faecally pungent. Unless of course you've met on a fart fetish dating website in which case lift your bum cheeks and push push push.

OhTheRoses Mon 17-Apr-17 19:41:52

There's a time and a place. At home, in comfort, with loved ones. How do people hold them in. I can let them out silently but I can't stop them. I do find I don't if I cut out wheat.

Nocabbageinmyeye Mon 17-Apr-17 19:45:47

Haha Catthemouse I hadn't even read your post when I replied grin Nope doesn't count at all, in fact your dp shouldn't even tell you next day, its his faux pas not yours wink

HappyLabrador Mon 17-Apr-17 19:48:26

I can understand the not farting on a first date or in the very early stages of a relationship but I think its weird to feel embarrassed about farting in front of your long-term partner/Dh.

I mean, people in long relationships who don't fart in front of each other, do you get up and go to a different room, out of earshot, every single time you think you might need to fart?


CatTheMouse Mon 17-Apr-17 19:52:37

Whoo hoo! I look forward to him next enlightening me with tales of the night before!

Just so I can look him in the eye and say 'I have been reliably informed by nocabbage from MN that they do not count once I'm asleep!'

EllebellyBeeblebrox Mon 17-Apr-17 19:55:09

Yabu to use the word Trump

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