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To think this isn't my problem (eBay related)

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TheWitTank Mon 17-Apr-17 18:21:24

This has really pissed me off. Why the fuck would you bid on two items? I will retract the bid as I can't be arsed with the hassle and non payment, but it isn't really in the spirit of an auction is it? You bid and you stick by your bid. I honestly don't know why I use eBay anymore, it enrages me daily until my stuff sells! AIBU to think eBay is a load of shit? Tempted to send back an arsey message...

previously1474etc Mon 17-Apr-17 21:49:53

If this or similar happens to me, I put them on my blocked bidders list, then open a non-payment dispute. A few of those and they will be restricted from buying.
I hope you have your buyer requirements set up to reduce these idiots doing it too often. Mine are as tight as they can be.

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