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Train AIBU

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relaxo Sun 16-Apr-17 14:36:54

I'm currently sitting in the quiet carriage of a Virgin train. There is a sign that says "Please do not use mobile phones or create unnecessary noise."

A woman has told off another for making a loud phone call. Told off woman has asked other woman why my son's not being told off. He's playing games on a mobile phone with sound off and no vibration.

Technically he's using a phone but AIBU to think that the sign means not to make phone calls and playing games on a phone without sound/vibration is ok?

Unpropergrammer Sun 16-Apr-17 14:37:48


VimFuego101 Sun 16-Apr-17 14:38:50

YANBU. It's the quiet carriage, not the no games carriage. What your son is doing is no different to reading on a Kindle.

wasonthelist Sun 16-Apr-17 14:38:59

YANBU I cannot see any objection to a game played that is making no sound - would they moan if you were playing cards (quietly)?

StillDrivingMeBonkers Sun 16-Apr-17 14:40:26

Ask her why she is dragging you into her mess?

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sun 16-Apr-17 14:40:44

Told off woman is a twat.

NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Sun 16-Apr-17 14:45:19

Quiet carriage is where you keep noise to a minimum. No phone calls, music or loud conversations. Your son is fine, the game is on silent and it's keeping him quiet.

halobean Sun 16-Apr-17 14:50:17

What a pedant! Everyone knows it means not to use your phones loudly. Texting, mumsneting and any other silent activity is obviously fine.

Sn0tnose Sun 16-Apr-17 14:55:03

I think that Told Off woman is probably embarrassed because she knows she's in the wrong, so is trying to deflect her own behaviour onto your DC.

I hate having to listen to other people's music, text alerts etc and will always book the quiet carriage if travelling but would have absolutely no problem with a child playing an electronic game with no noises. She's being

Sn0tnose Sun 16-Apr-17 14:56:35

Pressed post too soon.

She's being an arse.

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