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How to deal with puberty

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FairytalesAreBullshit Sun 16-Apr-17 08:41:52

DS is at that age where stuff is happening, hubby appears to be mortified, so found 2 books, 1 on boys going through puberty and one how the teenage brain works. I said any questions he could ask.

DD was helping hubby sort the car for today, I asked DS if he read the book, enthusiastically he said he read it in one sitting, followed by I hope I don't get a micro penis. The book basically gave detail how things like penises and boobs come in all shapes and sizes. The boys book mostly focusses on the boy stuff, but adds what girls go through at the end.

His other statement was and very proud too, I now know how to have sex. So I said quickly, but you save it for someone really special though don't you. Plus you've got over 2 years to go before you're allowed. (Kind of lied and said you HAVE to be 16!)

It felt like a much easier way of covering all the bases without anyone getting embarrassed or stuck for words.

Another book they highly recommend, deals with a child with a facial deformity, they're scared to go to school because of bullying, I think it's called Wonder. It teaches about different types of bullying, how you deal with it. He was particularly engrossed in that last night. Many teachers recommend it from 10/11+ but I only found it the other day.

They have a book on how to deal with teenagers, from my first time Mum days, I know you take such books with a pinch of salt, but any hints and tips are better than none.

Mari50 Sun 16-Apr-17 08:58:00

I have to admit I'm surprised you waited until he was 14 to deal with puberty.
DD has known about it since she was 6/7. There's maybe a lot more needs to be added regarding sex than just the age of consent.

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