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Driving after alcohol consumption

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FairytalesAreBullshit Sun 16-Apr-17 04:00:14

I was looking at the limits for other countries, just some how stumbled across it, some countries don't allow you to drink at all. There was an article that said basically even after 1 drink technically you're fine, but it affects people differently. The UK has the highest limit shared with a few other countries, when it comes to alcohol permitted in blood stream.

I'm wondering especially if you have DC whether you should drink at all when driving and just suck it up and drink at home, as you never really know how it's going to affect you, plus they calculate you lose 1 unit every hour, I suspect that it's an individual thing.

Maybe it's a strong assertion that you shouldn't drink and drive, but if you had a glass of wine having had nothing to eat, it'll affect you differently, with the impacts being different.

Teabagtits Sun 16-Apr-17 04:04:35

There is no uk wide limit. Scotland has a lower limit than England

Lochan Sun 16-Apr-17 04:07:31

My DH and I have never driven after any amount of alcohol, even before having children.

Following the change to the law in Scotland in 2015, it's pretty much impossible to legally drive after drinking.

No one I know does it.

FairytalesAreBullshit Sun 16-Apr-17 04:07:50

On this EU chart thing I think it had it as UK, but they could have got it wrong.

I also noticed in some countries if you drove say a lorry or bus the amounts were different too, which seems sensible.

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