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To wake DH up to come to bed.

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MummyBearToTeddy Sat 15-Apr-17 23:47:35

DH is asleep watching TV because he was at the pub all day to avoid a children's party. The thing is we are ttc and I sort of need him to come to bed. Am I being mean? Need to DTD before DC1 wakes up again!

HeddaGarbled Sat 15-Apr-17 23:51:05

Why would you want to have another child with a man who would rather drink all day than celebrate his child's birthday?

user1491572121 Sat 15-Apr-17 23:51:42

hmm I wouldn't bother! He got drunk all day to avoid a children's party and now you want to concerive with him? Really?

sniffle12 Sat 15-Apr-17 23:54:12

You could always wake him on the premise of keeping him from getting stiff-necked in whatever position he's fallen asleep in on the sofa (I know I would genuinely appreciate this!) and see how up for it he seems...

...of course he may just fall straight back asleep!

MummyBearToTeddy Sat 15-Apr-17 23:54:59

It wasn't OUR child's party. It was his niece. And it was softplay. I was happy playing there with all the kids but he always sits at the side bored!

Marmalade85 Sat 15-Apr-17 23:56:18

Leave him there. Hate being told to go to bed.

BlossomCat Sat 15-Apr-17 23:56:57

Are you sure he's not going to be suffering from Brewers Droop?
He has been drinking all day, which makes him seem a rather unsatisfactory partner. Sexual or otherwise.

MummyBearToTeddy Sat 15-Apr-17 23:59:26

Yeah but it's been 25mths ttc and I really really need his help in this! O made enough noise to rouse him and he said he'll be up in a minute but I don't trust that!

@blossom I wonder that too. He got in at 8 (annoyingly past bedtime) so might be ok.

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:00:20

Also he wasn't alone at the pub. He was with his DB and DF too

sniffle12 Sun 16-Apr-17 00:01:02

because he was at the pub all day to avoid a children's party

Not sure why there are inferences being made about the DH's suitability for conceiving with confused. The OP didn't say she was mad at him or that he'd been unreasonable - just that he had been to the pub while she did something different, which sounds fairly reasonable as long as both parties are happy?

justdontevenfuckingstart Sun 16-Apr-17 00:05:45

OP if you think you are in the window then it may be worth a try.

HeddaGarbled Sun 16-Apr-17 00:14:00

No no no, dads who go drinking all day while the mums enable the children's fun are shit, lazy dads and shit, lazy partners. I'm sure the OP and the other mums would have loved to have spent the day drinking wine in peace while the dads supervised soft play but that was never going to happen, was it?

ClopySow Sun 16-Apr-17 00:16:49

Why would you want to have another child with a man who would rather drink all day than celebrate his child's birthday

Well thag escalated quickly...

If you can get past the highly unsexy smell of stale beer OP, give him another shake.

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:20:49

Yes I am in the window. At a critical time too!

I'm not mad at him. He goes out most Saturdays or Sundays to watch football and drink beer. He just happened to leave early with his male family members because softplay was annoying them. I'm annoyed he missed bedtime though because all I ask is that he comes home to say goodnight.

I don't think him working all week and then going out on a weekend makes him lazy or shit at being a dad. I think drinking beer makes him fall asleep! Sure I would love a day out with the other girls but the fact is we will never have a time when we could all do that and even if we did we would come home to chaos and that's not great for anyone!

Just wondering if I should wake him. It's been 20mins now since he said "I'll be up in a minute" so I'm going down to "drop" something in the dining room and hope it's enough to wake DH and not DC. With my luck it'll be the other way around!

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:22:37

@clopysow yeah I might have to. I never once said him going to the pub to avoid a 2yr olds party was him being unsuitable to conceive with. Our first child is brilliant and shows no sign of alcoholism or preference for football!

Kalizahara Sun 16-Apr-17 00:25:11

He doesn't sound terribly interested in ttc to be honest.

He doesn't sound terribly interested in being a parent if he spends half his weekends in the pub drinking either.

haveacupoftea Sun 16-Apr-17 00:26:41

Just go and shag him on the sofa. Then leave him there and enjoy nice comfy bed.

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:28:32

Hey ttc is the only sex I get so trust me he's interested in ttc!

However I just went down to say goodnight and he said "get out my face" so I'm even more eager to conceive so the new baby can make noise in the night and annoy his hangover 😆 I'm a bad wife and told him to go away in less polite terms!

Kalizahara Sun 16-Apr-17 00:29:57

He's sounding more charming by the minute.

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:34:24

He goes to work all week and except his own children annoy him! He is the main earner in the house so needs his downtime. I don't begrudge him that and like the free time to watch TV or play online like now.

He's just tired I guess because I woke him up at 5 when DC got up and he took a while to get back to sleep. Plus beer makes him sleepy. He loves being a parent!

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:35:31

@haveacupoftea he hates sex at the best of times and outside the bedroom is a definite no!

pieceofpurplesky Sun 16-Apr-17 00:37:12

I swear MN has returned to the 50s tonight ...

MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:40:09

@pieceofpurplesky 😆 why? We have an old fashioned relationship but it works and he's lovely.

ClopySow Sun 16-Apr-17 00:40:39


MummyBearToTeddy Sun 16-Apr-17 00:41:36


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