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AIBU to claim for my time?

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nutmegella Sat 15-Apr-17 22:59:06

I rent out a property and when I am doing my tax return I claim back landlords insurance, any bills or repairs, petrol money and also a standard £10 a week for my phone bill/paper/ink/computer etc which my accountant advised they used as standard.

However I manage the property myself and am now querying whether I can claim an hourly rate for my time of organising plumbers, new tenant etc throughout the year as most management companies charge £60 plus a month to do this? Any ideas on this please?

BewtySkoolDropowt Sat 15-Apr-17 23:01:22

No you can't. If you did you would have to declare it as income and would be no better off.

nutmegella Sun 16-Apr-17 06:57:59

Thank you Bewty that makes sense

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