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To want to tell my neighbour to shut the fuck up

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OldMcdonalad Sat 15-Apr-17 22:18:47

Seriously fucked off with my neighbours. They are obviously throwing another party which ok is fine, but the people there are currently outside screaming songs! They don't even live next door I live further down the road but they are loud enough to wake my kids up!

Their kids play outside for hours every day, it comes 8oclock and I'm like have they even had they're tea, they sit outside on the kerb drinking beers blasting music from their car.

Need to rant they fuck me off hmm

Unpropergrammer Sun 16-Apr-17 00:37:29

How old are the kids?

WorraLiberty Sun 16-Apr-17 00:47:37

Their kids play outside for hours every day, it comes 8oclock and I'm like have they even had they're tea, they sit outside on the kerb drinking beers blasting music from their car.


intergalacticbrexitdisco Sun 16-Apr-17 01:12:28

I think you must live near me...ours do this. Though I am not sure if the kids drink beers.

SparklyUnicornPoo Sun 16-Apr-17 01:15:28

is it the kids drinking on the kerb or the parents?

I'd complain, also if they are going in and out of the car to put music on while drunk im pretty sure you can report them for that?

Lochan Sun 16-Apr-17 01:26:11

Call the police then.

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 01:29:29

You can report this on 101.

FreeNiki Sun 16-Apr-17 01:33:24

Bucket of water over the singers?

or failing that allow your children to run riot at 7am waking them up

Doublevodkaredbull Sun 16-Apr-17 01:49:35

I feel you. My neighbours have friends over every weekend and party all night. They have two kids under 2 who seemingly have no bedtime.

LinaBo Sun 16-Apr-17 02:03:03

Are you my neighbour? grin DH has called the police and they seem to have calmed down (or at least gone inside) now. I can finally sleep!

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:04:13

You want to count yourselves lucky. Our neighbours are building a gym and swimming pool in their basement FFS.

SpreadYourHappiness Sun 16-Apr-17 02:07:07

IAmAmy Why is that a problem? How does it affect you?

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:07:54

Because it's potentially interfering with the foundations of our house and the council have few powers to stop them.

SpreadYourHappiness Sun 16-Apr-17 02:23:59


IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:28:53

You asked?

OP dial 101.

SpreadYourHappiness Sun 16-Apr-17 02:30:38

I did. Then I saw your ridiculous thread and subsequent responses and realised you were only 17, so it's not "your" house, it's your parents. So I reiterate: why do you care?

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:31:52

Haha. Because I live here.

SpreadYourHappiness Sun 16-Apr-17 02:32:40

Of course.

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:33:32


innagazing Sun 16-Apr-17 02:35:07

Iam Amy- Do you live next door to the Beckhams then?
On the up side, Brooklyn' would be very easily accessible to you, and you could 'marry well'
Shouldn't you be getting back to that History dissertation bibliography or whatever it is you're studying?

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:37:27

I don't know, do I?

I live in West London not New York.

Doubtful seeing as I won't be at university for a while yet and I won't be studying History.

innagazing Sun 16-Apr-17 02:53:18

The Beckham's London base is in West London, so maybe it really is them next door to you. lol.
I was referring to A level history in my last post which includes having to write a dissertation.

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:55:29

Not in my part of West London, I don't think!

Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Economics for me grin

SpreadYourHappiness Sun 16-Apr-17 02:57:21

Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Economics for me

Oh, but aren't they all subjects that put boys off? hmm

IAmAmy Sun 16-Apr-17 02:58:13


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