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To wonder about participants in Channel 4 Super Orgasm Programme

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xmaspost Sat 15-Apr-17 16:04:46

Just back from some travel, tired, lazy Saturday and catching up on some things I missed (DH had some recorded on SkyBox), including this program.

A few thoughts

- I'm wondering what motivates people to participate in these TV shows. Is it for science? Or for fame? I guess they get might get paid some small amount?

- Also, I'm wondering if some of this is staged or faked? I guess it is genuine, with medics participation, etc. Personally it's so very different my experience ... so made me a little suspicious.

- I work in science/tech/lab area and companies make huge efforts to commercialize the results of research. (I don't work in anything related to this field) but I wonder if there are labs/researchers out there planning to make their millions from this smile

hadtoncforthis Sat 15-Apr-17 18:39:57

after reading a bit more, I think it's real. i guess the people are no different than those other medical programs on TV.

SprinkleTinkle Mon 17-Apr-17 08:38:16

Do they really have 100 orgasms in one go? What classifies as an orgasm anyway? Mine are like waves (as some suggested on the programme but I wouldn't classify myself as a super orgasm organismsmile) so, at a push, I could say that I have about 5 mini orgasms in one, potentially could 'go again'. That woman who went to NY to masturbate in a scanner must have been paid a fair amount. What a faff (and pressure to put on herself!)

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