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To ask if you can apply for 2 jobs at the same organisation?

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VladmirsPoutine Thu 13-Apr-17 22:10:18

Just posting for the traffic as one deadline is tonight!

Both jobs are the same grade, however, working with different user groups.

I have more experience with the 2nd job spec but as they're effectively asking for the same criteria I'm wondering if I should also go for job 1.

Will I risk limiting my chances and looking like I'm just randomly applying if I go for both. I can't back up competency questions for job 1 as well as I could for job 2.

Should I just let job 1 go and put all my efforts into job 2?

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 13-Apr-17 22:11:46

I'd apply for both.

limon Thu 13-Apr-17 22:16:00

Of course.

bonfireheart Thu 13-Apr-17 22:23:04

As long as you tailor your statement to each job, shows you've thought about it and aren't applying for every job out there. Good luck.

Ameliablue Thu 13-Apr-17 22:30:43

Apply for both.

UppityHumpty Thu 13-Apr-17 22:32:22

I have applied for 5-6 roles with the same company before if I like them all - but be prepared to justify yourself if they call you out on it

toomanypasswords Thu 13-Apr-17 22:59:43

I've done it before. Not a problem, just go for it. Increases your chances!!!

Trills Thu 13-Apr-17 23:11:14

My organisation would positively approve of this course of action.

Kittykatmacbill Thu 13-Apr-17 23:22:57

My organisation would be fine, just tailor your statement accordingly.

bonfireheart Fri 14-Apr-17 06:29:37

We had a guy who applied for nearly every management position at our charity, telling us how much he wanted to work there. His persevere paid off after a few years!

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