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DorkMaiden Thu 13-Apr-17 12:30:19

...seems to be scheduled at common nap times? Or is just me?

Baby classes always clash with morning or afternoon nap.
HV clinic is slap bang at morning nap time.
I have just been invited to the 8-12 month check and it is at 9:30am (and letter also states baby should be fed and well rested for the appointment)!

Obviously I understand that these things can't cater for everyone, but from speaking to a lot of mums it does seem like babies, on two naps a day, generally fall around similar times of 9-11ish and then 1-3ish. Without fail these time slots seem to be when ANYTHING baby-related is scheduled. So the question is miss a nap and deal with wrath of an overtired baby, or miss out?!
I definitely look forward to the days of one nap!

Possibly comes from having a difficult napper who I have worked hard to get into good (or at least slightly better grin) napping habits, but I find it a bit exasperating at times.

Rollonbedtime7pm Thu 13-Apr-17 12:52:42

YANBU - I am on baby #3 and have said this to DH every time.

10am for a class for 6 month olds?! confused

The only problem is the more kids you have the less time as you're having to always get to school or preschool and try to get naps in so you really can't win!

putdownyourphone Thu 13-Apr-17 12:57:10

There's a twins group near me that starts at 9.30am. 9.30! TWINS! Safe to say I don't attend.

ZilphasHatpin Thu 13-Apr-17 12:59:42

I remember struggling with things being at different times on different days so DS's nap time would have to be different or I would have to wake him mid nap. I'll be honest, it meant not going to things a lot of the time and the whole point of them is to get parents socialising!

MaximaDeWit Thu 13-Apr-17 13:01:12

YANBU. I quickly ditched paid-for course type things because found we ended up missing sessions as he slept through them. We have one thing a week now that is planned for a very set time and he's a nightmare for the afternoon because his nap is thrown out. I guess things are planned around school drop offs and pick ups so people with multiple DCs can still attend

peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 13-Apr-17 13:01:44

Speaking as the mother of a child who didn't nap whatsoever for his first year, once he started having regular, proper naps, that was my priority. Fuck all the activities, we were going to bed. Obviously one off appointments like reviews etc, you have to interrupt for, but sleep was absolutely precious to me.

Nottalotta Thu 13-Apr-17 13:01:53

This is true but nap times do change. Our local group is 9.30-11 which was a nightmare when ds was younger, but now he's down to one nap it's fine. Wears him.out pre naptime !

Semaphorically Thu 13-Apr-17 13:03:57

There isn't a good time though.

- before 10: impossible if you also have kids at school or nursery, also difficult to mobilise a baby and all the paraphernalia they need so early
- 10-12: many babies nap
- 12-1: older babies eat lunch, so do their carers
- 1-3: many babies nap
- after 3: see above re school/nursery

NennyNooNoo Thu 13-Apr-17 13:11:47

What semaphorically said, basically there is a small window between 9.15 and 10 that suits most people.

DorkMaiden Thu 13-Apr-17 13:23:45

Oh yes, I do appreciate that finding a time that works for everyone would be impossible! I am just a little frustrated after weeks and weeks of scrabbling around to get to classes and not being able to find a more suitable alternative. We go to soft play quite regularly for this reason, but that lacks the social aspect a bit, unless you are brave enough to just rock up and ask to join a group of mums/parents (I'm not!).

Obviously the majority of people manage to get to these classes and activities anyway, so I am obviously in the minority.

I do feel like there is maybe a gap in the market for some kind of lunch and play club, where you can go along with a packed lunch and eat and socialise with other mums (and babies) at the same time? I have heard of play cafes, but unfortunately there aren't any around here.

Nottalotta Thu 13-Apr-17 15:17:20

I would just go anyway. I wouldn't have git out of the house otherwise. Occasionally ds1 would need to leave early when he was younger. Ds2 sleeps through it all somehow.

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