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About the tennis balls?

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Germansausage88 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:13:49

I can't find a similar thread so here goes.

We've lived in our house just over two years. Last year when the lighter nights started, the neighbours who's garden backs into our garden has got a son who constantly hits a tennis ball against their shed - all you could hear was done donk donk. We didn't say anything even though it was pretty annoying especially late in the evening.

This year now the lighter nights are here he's back at it again but this time appears to have made some friends who play tennis in his back garden. I was getting my DC's lunch when I heard very loud bangs in our garden, I ran out to find a tennis ball in our garden with a ball imprint on our conservatory. Still I didn't say anything but this happened a further 4 times where they hit our conservatory.

I was leaving to go to my mums with my DC and the kids had all congregated outside my front door and sent the biggest one to say "can we have our balls back" - I said I was leaving now and they would have to wait till I return. I've not long returned and been into the garden to find 8 tennis balls in our garden with several dirty ball marks on our conservatory windows.

It's not just the fact they are hitting our conservatory (can they break the glass? No idea?!) but if my very young DC's were out there playing they might get hit by them. AIBU to take the balls round to the parents and say something?

What would you do?

Germansausage88 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:26:28

just to add - I've just been to take the bins out and out back gate is unlocked. It's never unlocked so I suspect that they have tried to retrieve them

MuncheysMummy Wed 12-Apr-17 20:29:40

Go round t the parent shouse and explain what's happening and that if any breakages occur they as the parents are responsible for paying for the damage caused. Also pint out that if they continue one of your children is bound to get hurt and it's not acceptable. They need to get a higher fence or stop playing in that spot.

Rainydayspending Wed 12-Apr-17 20:32:13

Collect all tennis balls and keep them inside. Tell next retriever they are hitting the conservatory and it's making horrendous noise, they need to be more careful.
If it keeps happening keep the balls go round speak to an adult (return balls). After that. Just throw them away.

Floralnomad Wed 12-Apr-17 20:35:39

We have this every year with bloody great heavy footballs bashing the conservatory and my neighbours children are plenty old enough to go play on one of the local fields / greens and where we live there are loads of facilities for children . I've spoken to the parents on numerous occasions and it stops for a few days and then starts up again . Good luck with it OP because I agree it's very annoying listening to the constant thud ,thud , thud of balls hitting fences all day when the schools are off .

Asmoto Wed 12-Apr-17 20:36:11

Very cheeky, and worrying for you if you have young children who might get hit. Could you suggest they either move, or play with those harmless sponge tennis balls instead? If they won't, I should tell them you won't be returning any more balls to them.

Germansausage88 Wed 12-Apr-17 20:39:26

Thankyou, I'm glad to hear the responses as I was beginning to think maybe I was just being intolerant. 2 of the balls were inside the trampoline net so if my DC's who are often on the trampoline had of been on there!! angry

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