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To be fed up of unpacking boxes?

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JunosRevenge Wed 12-Apr-17 19:30:10

We moved a couple of weeks ago.

Not far - just around the corner.

DD19 unpacked all her stuff within 24 hours. Her room looks great and she is very happy.

DS15 still has 6 large cartons to unpack. 3 of them are in the living room. (With 3 large cartons of DH's stuff).

DH unpacked quite a bit at first, but has let things slide in the last 7 days, and now he's back at work.

Not to drip feed, I'm self-employed. I used to have my own office in the old house, but now me and DH are sharing a study between us. All my office stuff is still in boxes in the middle of the garage, surrounded by stuff we are storing until our extension is done. (Hopefully in 12-18 months). I've asked for help to move stuff in the garage so I can get at my office equipment, but nobody seems willing to help me. Now I've just hurt my back lugging stuff about.

WIBU to stop doing the washing/ironing and switch off the internet hub until I get some help moving my clobber?

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