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About my hair?!

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freeDeirdreRachid Wed 12-Apr-17 19:16:27

Paid to have extensions ... looked ok. When I looked properly I hated the colour and it wasn't what I asked for.

I text the hairdresser and she said she would put lighter pieces in but she was shocked as I had said I liked it. Basically it was my fault.

I have since text and asked for the lighter pieces to be put in and it's been a day later and she's not even acknowledged it.

It's got worse as my extensions have gone so dry .. I'm walking around with a frizz bomb on my head after not even a week.

I'm not trying to be a difficult customer or even get any money back .. I'm just asking for my issue to be put right and she doesn't even seem bothered.

How long do I leave it before chasing up the text?

Bleurghghghgh Wed 12-Apr-17 19:39:22

How was she at replying before this? I don't think sending another text tomorrow morning would be unreasonable

She may be avoiding you as she's used lower quality hair than advertised and knows it'll be in less than excellent condition at this stage

Once they're in and frazzled there's often nothing you can do other than have them taken out and replaced so be prepared to demand a refund to go elsewhere

freeDeirdreRachid Wed 12-Apr-17 20:10:07

Oh god sad that's almost £400 down the drain.

She's very popular as well and she says on her website how she has excellent customer service hmm

Bleurghghghgh Wed 12-Apr-17 20:42:27

Not necessarily down the drain! Wait until you've spoken to her - if you're really unhappy then make that clear. The hair isn't the colour or quality you've been sold so be polite but prepared to stand your ground.

Maybe call tomorrow rather than texting again, this'll show her you're serious

Bleurghghghgh Wed 12-Apr-17 20:43:10

Stupid phone, sent too early

...and not trying it on for a refund. Concisely explain your issues and go from there depending on her response

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