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So called friends making NO effort.

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Leona88 Wed 12-Apr-17 18:02:06

Am I being an idiot right now? There is a group of us, four friends all with kids, some.of the same age , go to school together. Anyways, school holidays and not one has asked to meet up and so stuff with the kids, they have met up with each other, so S and met up with L and done stuff and S and met with LS and done stuff but no one has invited me and mine? In our group chat I have said does anyone want to make plans for the next few days I ask why? Confront? I'm usually the first to pipe up but I'm worried I have offended and not realized, I dont know if its because DS has been recently diagnosed autistic I over reacting ???

luckylucky24 Wed 12-Apr-17 18:10:11

Not overreacting. I would try to get one of them alone and ask if I had offended them.

Leona88 Wed 12-Apr-17 18:18:26

@luckylucky24 one of them is my best friend....I introduced her to them and one is her SIL. I asked her wtf was going on and she laughter it off when I mentioned obvs I had asked and was completely ignored by all....I never let stuff like this get to me but my husband has noticed and all our men are friends and he's really really angry....I feel really silly for being upset , like I'm back at school....xx

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